EQC2022 D1 – Gameplay

Participating Teams & National Seeds

Quidditch Austria (Austria)

  1. Danube Direwolves
  2. Vienna Vanguards

Belgian Quidditch Federation (Belgium)

  1. Antwerp QC
  2. Ghent Gargoyles Quidditch
  3. Liège Leviathans
  4. Brussels Qwaffles

Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya (Catalonia)

  1. Barcelona Eagles

Féderation du Quidditch Français (France)

  1. Titans Paris Quidditch
  2. Paris Frog Quidditch
  3. Toulouse Quidditch
  4. Crookshanks Lyon Quidditch
  5. Olympiens Paris Quidditch

Asociación Quidditch España (Spain)

  1. Malaka Vikings QT

Quidditch Derneği (Turkey)

  1. METU Unicorns

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  1. Ruhr Phoenix
  2. SCC Berlin Bluecaps
  3. Three River Dragons Passau
  4. Rheinos Bonn
  5. Münchner Wolpertinger
  6. Hamburg Werewolves
  7. Augsburg Owls
  8. Darmstadt Athenas

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  1. DNA Quidditch Club
  2. Lunatica Quidditch Club

Norges Rumpeldunkforbund (Norway)

  1. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  2. OSI Quidditch
  3. Sagene IF Quidditch

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  1. Werewolves of London Firsts
  2. London Quidditch Club
  3. Velociraptors
  4. London Unspeakables
  5. Olympians QC

Group Draw

  • There will be 8 groups. Each group will have 4 teams.
  • Each group will have one team from Pot 1, one team from Pot 2 and two teams from Pot 3.
  • Pots are based on the rankings of EQC2019 Division 1.
  • No two teams from the same NGB will be in the same group.
    • If a team is drawn to a group where there is already a team from the same NGB, the team will be assigned to the next applicable group.
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 3
Titans Paris Quidditch
(France 1)
SCC Berlin Bluecaps (Germany 2)Vienna VanguardsMünchner Wolpertinger
METU Unicorns
(Turkey 1)
(UK 3)
Danube DirewolvesHamburg Werewolves
Werewolves of London Firsts
(UK 1)
Ghent Gargoyles Quidditch
(Belgium 2)
Brussels QwafflesAugsburg Owls
Antwerp QC
(Belgium 1)
Three River Dragons Passau
(Germany 3)
Barcelona EaglesDarmstadt Athenas
London QC
(UK 2)
Liège Leviathans
(Belgium 3)
Toulouse QuidditchLunatica QC
Ruhr Phoenix
(Germany 1)
Rheinos Bonn
(Germany 4)
Crookshanks LyonOSI Vikings
Paris Frog
(France 2)
London Unspeakables
(UK 4)
Olympiens Paris QuidditchSagene IF Quidditch
NTNUI Rumpeldunk
(Norway 1)
DNA Quidditch Club
(Italy 1)
Malaka Vikings QTOlympians QC

Day 1

Schedule & Scores


# = Position / Rank
W = Wins
L = Losses

PD = Point Differential
SC = Snitch Catches
∑GT = Total Game Time played

Day 2

Schedule & Scores


Upper Bracket

Lower Bracket