EQC2022 D2 – Player Info

Last update: 12/04/2022

The Venue


Concerning the accommodation for all attendees, we have made deals through the main organizing partner to offer local 3-4- and even 5 stars hotels. The hotels being:

You can get these rates by entering the promotional code “eqc22” through the reservation system of the hotel itself. These rates apply for the nights of 22, 23 and 24th of April.

Using the links below will automatically apply the promotional code. You should only modify your desired amount of nights.

How to get to Brescia?


There are three airports close to Brescia: Milano Bergamo Orio al Serio (BGY), Verona (VRN) and Milano Malpensa (MXP).

Milano Bergamo (BGY)

If you land at Milano Bergamo (BGY) Airport (Orio al Serio), you will have the following options:

  • By bus (airport – Brescia):
    To reach Brescia, you can get the bus (timetable) which will take you to SIA station
  • By train (airport – Bergamo – Brescia)*:
    You can take the train to Bergamo and than change to reach Brescia (tickets & info: here or here)

Verona (VRN)

If you land at Verona (VRN), this is your best option:

  1. First, take the bus from the airport to Verona Porta Nuova railway station (info)
  2. From there, take the train* to Brescia (tickets & info: here or here)

Milano Malpensa (MXP)

If you land at Milano Malpensa (MXP), you can:

  1. Either take the bus or train to Milano Centrale railway station
  2. From there, take the train* to Brescia (tickets & info: here or here)


Long distance international buses (Eurolines, Flixbus, …) travel frequently to Milan, from which you can use other modes of transport to get to Brescia. See more info above.

*Planned Train Strike

Due to a planned strike involving Trenitalia, some trains could be cancelled or rescheduled on the weekend of EQC D2. Be careful when planning your arrival to / departure from Brescia.

All trains between 6AM and 9AM, and between 6PM and 9PM will not be affected. Every other ride is not guaranteed. Please check if the rides you intend to use are included in the strike before committing to them.

You can call the free number +39 800 89 20 21 for information or check the website in the days leading up to the event. Unfortunately, there is no English version of the website, so we’re trying to ‘translate’ as well as possible. On the page, you can find 2 PDFs:

  1. “National Trains Guaranteed during weekdays or non-working days”
  2. “National Trains Guaranteed in case strike lasts less than 24h, during non-working days”

If you prefer to play it safe, there are some other options:

  • The Italo railways are not involved in the strike. Any train will still be available.
  • GoOpti is a service that allows to book a private bus to get wherever you need to go.
  • Blablacar allows you to book a ride either by bus or by car-sharing at low prices.
  • Flixbus connects most major cities in Europe by bus, with low fares.

Getting Around

Hotels to/from Venue

Brescia Railway Station – Venue

TransportationTimeAverage CostLine
By subwayabout 24 min€1,40towards Sant’Eufemia, Poliambulanza stop
By busabout 28 min€1,403 + 16
By taxiabout 9 min€10

Hotel Master – Venue

TransportationTimeAverage CostLine
By subwayabout 32 min€1,40
By busabout 28 min€1,407 + 16
By taxiabout 11 min€11

Hotel Vittoria – Venue

TransportationTimeAverage CostLine
By subwayabout 26 min€1,40
By busabout 29 min€1,4012 + 16
By taxiabout 11 min€11

Hotel Igea – Venue

TransportationTimeAverage CostLine
By subwayabout 26 min€1,40
By busabout 18 min€1,4018 + 16
By taxiabout 7 min€13

Hotel Regal Residence – Venue

TransportationTimeAverage CostLine
By subwayabout 34 min€1,40
By busabout 32 min€1,4016
By taxiabout 13 min€13

Cost of Public Transport

Bus & Subway

Normal ticket – 90 min valid from validation€1,40
24 hours ticket€3,00
10 rides ticket€13,00
SMS ticket (=normal ticket) – text “BSM1” to +39 4850202€1,50
More info here.


Check-In Registration

The check-in registration will happen at the venue on Friday 22nd from 17:30 to 20:30 local time. A late check-in was also be possible on Saturday from 7:30 to 8:00 in case some players/staff cannot arrive on Friday in time.

You will be asked to show an ID Card, confirm your jersey number, and present your COVID-19 Certificate.

All players between 16 and 18 years old must present the signed “Release of Liability for Minor Participants” document at the check-in.


Could an international quidditch event exist without an awesome social night? Of course not!

On Sunday evening, after the tournament is over, celebration will occur at the Master Hotel (location). Music, food and drink will be there, what are you waiting for?

The cost of the social night, including a buffet dinner in full “apericena” style and drinks is €16.
Reservation is mandatory, payment is at the hotel. Teams and volunteers will be contacted regarding this shortly.