EQC2023 D1 – Volunteer Positions

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Volunteer Benefits & Accommodation

In order to be eligible for volunteer perks, you need to have been accepted as either volunteer or official (through confirmation from the tournament organization or QE) and be scheduled for a minimum of 50% of the time during the event*.

You will receive the highest perk tier you qualify for!

*In the event, that you miss any of the requirements for the volunteering perks and this can be attributed to either QE or the tournament organization (e.g. you just didn’t get scheduled enough times to meet the 50% time requirement), you will still receive all benefits from your volunteering perk tier!

1Committee MembersFull Board for the duration of their stay (bed in hostel, breakfast, lunch, dinner) + up to €25/tournament day.
2Pitch Managers & RunnersFull Board for the duration of the event (bed in hostel, breakfast, lunch, dinner)
3Non-Playing OfficialsHalf Board for the duration of the event (camping spot*, breakfast, lunch, dinner)

€5 per game officiated. Capped at €80 in total.
4Non-Playing Volunteers (not in tiers 1-3)Half Board for the duration of the event (camping spot*, breakfast & lunch).
5Playing Officials€5 per game officiated. Capped at €80 in total.

*Volunteers in tier 3 and 4 may opt to not stay on the camping and choose for a bed in a hostel. Volunteers wanting a bed in the hostel will pay €10/night/person, as long as the option is available. Sheets nor towels will be available. Bathrooms are available for both options.


The check-in for all your players and staffers will take place on Friday, April 28th, 2023.

Check in will take place at the following location:

Heidelberg Ruderklub 1872 e.V., Harbigweg 14, 69124 Heidelberg, Germany

Check in will be open:

  • From 4PM to 7PM
  • From 8PM to Midnight

Additionally volunteers staying at the dedicated volunteer accommodation, can also check in between 10PM and Midnight there.

All times in CEST.

If any person is still waiting in queue when reaching midnight, we will still check in that person.

If you find yourself in the situation, where a check-in on Friday will not be possible, please let us know in advance. This includes delays in your travels. We can then try to keep check in open for longer or find an alternative solution for you!

Volunteers should email: d1.volunteers@quidditcheurope.org.

In order to have check in be as quick and efficient as possible, your players will have to bring the following items with them and the following rules apply:

  • Every volunteer must show ID to confirm identity and date of birth

Any person found to participate at the event, who has not officially checked in, will not be able to earn any of the volunteer benefits.