EQC2023 D2 – General Info

Last update: 13/04/2023

The Venue

Getting to the venue

EQC2023 Division 2 will be played at Complexe Sportif – La Haye-le-Doyen.

If you are looking for the venue online and/or on your GPS you can enter:

Rue du Fort, 88190 Golbey, France

There is parking available at the venue, however the amount of parking spaces is limited!


The venue has 2 full sized fields with natural grass surface and 1 field with artificial grass. The event will see a total of 6 pitches (2 pichtes on each field), meaning we will have 4 pitches on natural grass and 2 pitches on artificial grass.

Teams will have access to shared locker rooms at the venue. There are shower facilities in each locker room.

Please keep in mind that NO iron/metal studs are allowed on any of the fields. Make sure you bring appropriate equipment/footwear in accordance with this regulation!

Food On Site

You can click the icons to see their menu.


Multiple options are available. We are listing a few.
Want a full overview? Go to the website of Épinal Tourism.

Special Offer

We are able to offer 60 beds for €17/person/night.

  • Access to beds and bathroom
  • Bring your own linnen

16 Av. Dutac, 88000 Épinal, France (10 min drive from the venue)


You can email d2.hospitality@quidditcheurope.org for more information and booking.


NameNumber of roomsAddressPhoneMail
Première Classe4952 route de Jeuxey Le Saut le Cerf, Epinal+333 29 31 91 22epinal@premiereclasse.fr
Hôtel F1571 place de Malloué ZAC de la Cobrelle, Chavelot+338 91 70 52 42h2289@accor.com
Quick Palace3220 allée des Rapailles ZAC de la Roche, Epinal+333 29 81 32 20epinal@quick-palace.com
Prest’Hôtel2722 rue de la Plaine Zone la Fougère, Chavelot+333 29 31 39 40 contact@presthotel.fr
Atrium2289 rue de Lorraine, Golbey+333 29 81 15 20 info@hotel-atrium.fr
Hôtel de la Basilique205 rue des Halles, Epinal+333 29 34 96 19hotelbas@hotmail.fr
Kyriad Direct4354 route de Jeuxey, Epinal+333 29 31 38 38epinal@kyriaddirect.fr
Campanile Centre Gare6612 avenue Général de Gaulle, Epinal+333 29 82 10 74epinal.centre@campanile.fr
Ibis6021 quai Maréchal de Contades, Epinal+333 29 64 28 28 h0890@accor.com
Mercure6013 place Emile Stein, Epinal+333 29 29 12 91h0831@accor.com
Best Western La Fayette583 rue BazaineLe Saut le Cerf, Epinal+333 29 81 15 15hotel.lafayette.epinal@wanadoo.fr

Group Accommodation

NameNumber of personsAddressPhoneMail
Gîte de la Grande Haye(by car)2 houses
30 people
Chemin de la Vieille Maison, 88600 Aydoilles+336 15 04 46 01bernadette.perrin@wanadoo.fr
Gîte ASCPA( by car5 rooms
30 people
456 Le Potet, 88390 Renauvoid+333 29 82 44 67 +336 24 33 16 59regis.bergerot@wanadoo.fr
Gîte Chez la Marie 5 rooms up to 12 people43, rue André Vitun 88000 ÉPINAL+336 11 67 04 18contact us if you need translation
Gîte du ruisseau
5 rooms for 14 people140 route de Bertraméniln 88000 EPINAL+333 29 35 29 66 +336 72 83 36 53christine@gite-epinal.fr


NameNumber of personsAddressPhoneMail
Camping Parc du Château 2Houses for 13 personsMobile Homes37 chemin du Petit Chaperon Rouge 88000 Epinal+333 29 34 43 65 +336 86 16 14 48contact@domaineduchateau-epinal.fr
Camping Club lac de Bouzey (only by car)Mobile Homes or bungalows19 rue du Lac 88390 Sanchey+333 29 82 49 41resa@lacdebouzey.com

How to get to- and get around in Golbey?

You can find more info in the following document.

Team Requirements

Officials Requirement

To guarantee that all games are fairly played and regulated, every games needs officials. We are working on having a fair number of non-playing officials at the event, however there is always the possibility of things not going the ideal way.

Therefore we require each team to provide a certain number of officials to guarantee that each game can take place with at least the minimum required amount of officials.

As in each slot we have 6 pitches with games, meaning in every slot 12 teams will be actively playing, the remaining 12 teams in each slot need to be able to provide the officials for these games.

This leads to the following quota of officials every team must provide:

  • 1 Head Referee
  • 2 Assistant Referees
  • 1 Flag/Snitch Referee
  • 1 Flag/Snitch Runner


  • 3 Assistant Referees
  • 2 Flag/Snitch Referees
  • 1 Flag/Snitch Runner

This guarantees that even in the worst case scenario every team still gets to play all their games.

All officials must be certified under the current IQA 2022 Rulebook. You can get certified through the IQA here. Flag/Snitch Runners DO NOT have to be Flag/Snitch Referee certified! We have changed this requirement to allow more flexibility in the required replacement of the Flag/Snitch Runner by teams.

Every team must be able to provide a Flag/Snitch Runner at all times during the event. Meaning that if your dedicated runner drops out, gets injured or can no longer fulfill these duties, another person MUST fill their place.

In order to count towards the quota for your team, the dedicated people must fill out this form and must be listed on your team’s roster as either player or staff. They also have to be present on site at the event from the beginning of the very first slot until the end of the very last slot on both days of the event.

If you fail to fulfill this quota without having been granted an exception, your team will receive a yellow card at the start of EVERY game during the event. This card will be issued to the speaking captain of the team.

Should you have problems fulfilling this quota, please inform us at d2.volunteers@quidditcheurope.org

Pitch Volunteering

In addition to the officials quota, every team is required to leave behind 2 people after every game to fill the positions of timekeeper, scorekeeper and goal judge for the subsequent game at the pitch.

These people DO NOT have to sign up as pitch volunteers. The schedule will list your team and you are required to fill the positions with people.

The people dedicated for these positions MUST report to the pitch manager immediately at the end of your team’s game and are required remain at the pitch.

If your team fails to provide the required 2 people at any scheduled slot during the event or if any of these two people leave the pitch, thus causing a delay of the subsequent game at that pitch, your team will receive a yellow card at the start of THE NEXT game during the event. This card will be issued to the speaking captain of the team.


The check-in for all your players and staffers will take place on Friday, April 28th, 2023.

Check in will take place at the following location:

“Le Pub” at 3 Place des Vosges, Epinal

Check in will open at 16:00 CEST.

We will keep check in open as late as possible to allow late arrivals to still check in.

If you find yourself in the situation, where a check-in on Friday will not be possible, please let us know in advance. This includes delays in your travels. We can then try to keep check in open for longer or find an alternative solution for you!

In order to have check in be as quick and efficient as possible, your players will have to bring the following items with them and the following rules apply:

  • If possible have your entire team + staff members all check in at the same time.
  • Every player and team staff member must show ID to confirm identity and date of birth
  • Every player must show ALL jerseys they intend on wearing during any games at the event to confirm numbers with the submitted roster.
    • Last-minute changes in jersey numbers are possible, however restrictions apply!
  • Team Staff do not need to show jersey(s) at check in.
    • If they want to wear a team jersey during a game (i.e. while inside the player area) they MUST show all jerseys and the same restrictions on jersey numbers as for players apply.
  • Team Staff will be given a dedicated “jersey” number at check-in for purposes of penalties during games.
    • They will be informed about all details during check in.
  • Any player that fails to show either ID or jersey(s) will be denied and they cannot check in until all required items are shown.
  • Any team staff member who does not or fails to show their jersey(s) will not be allowed to wear any team jersey(s) while inside the player area.

Please make sure that all your players are informed about these rules and that they bring all required items when checking in!

Any person found to participate at the event, who has not officially checked in, will be disqualified from the event!

Roster Submission

The roster of your team needs to be submitted and checked.

You can find the instructions on how to fill out the roster in the teamplate!

Your team is allowed

  • A total set of up to 21 players.
    • There will be no reserves.
  • Up to 3 additional people serving as team staff (optional)
  • Each player on the roster is allowed a maximum of 1 jersey number.
    • Players can have multiple jerseys, however they all must have the same number on the back.
    • No two players on the roster must have the same number.
  • Indicate whether the person is signed up as an official for your team’s quota.

Please remember that this year all international eligibility policies apply! Players and Staff Members MUST be at least 16 years old at the start of the event (Saturday, April 29th, 2023). Any person younger than 16 years old will be denied at check-in!

Submit the completed roster to your NGB no later than April 17th, 2023. Your NGB will check the roster for eligibility of your listed players. Your NGB will then submit the roster to us if everything checks out.

Appeals & Suspension

Awards Ceremony & After Party

Every team member is invited to the exclusive EQC2023 Division 2 Awards Ceremony & After Party!

We would like to invite you to Gymnase COSEC (Rue Louis Armand, 88190 Golbey) on Sunday 30 April 2023, starting from 8PM (CEST).

No need to have dinner before the party starts, cause there will be foodtrucks present! Both “OKam du Terroir” and “Cap’Tacos” will be there to fill your stomachs.

From (TBD), the Awards Ceremony will start, where we will be handing out the medals to all members of the top 3! Make sure to attend and don’t miss anything!

After the Award Ceremony, the volume of the music will get louder and it’ll be time to get loose! The party will go on until 3AM the next day!

Not interested in dancing all night? No worries! Activities and games, including a custom escape room, can be played. Make it a night you won’t forget!