Quidditch Europe (QE), is a sports organization that connects  and represents all European National Quidditch Governing Bodies (NGBs) on a European-wide level. 

Quidditch Europe is governing body for quidditch for the whole of Europe in all age and gender. The main interests for the organization is creating a fair and equal playing ground for international competition(s).

In total, 19 NGBs have become member of Quidditch Europe.

Quidditch Europe is the main organizer of the most prestigious club competition in Europe: the European Quidditch Cup (EQC), split in 2 Divisions.

Recent News

EQC2023 Spot Allocation

We have finished the work on the spot allocation for EQC2023! Multiple items had to be discussed before we could...
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Werewolves of London wins EQC2022 D1

Congratulations to Werewolves of London for winning the 2022 edition of the European Quidditch Cup Division 1.
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Meet the EQC2022 D1 Crew

Around the trophy, there are dedicated people to make your tournament the best there can be. We gladly introduce the team to you.… Read More Meet the EQC2022 D1 Crew
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