No EA Applications, 3 Spots Reallocated

Earlier, we opened applications for Emerging Areas to compete in EQC2024 Division 2. 3 spots were available. More info about that here.

After the deadline, we received no applications. If that was the case, we would reallocate the spots based on the algorithm.

Any NGB with Delta = 0 would not be applicable to receive an additional D2 Spot, as they either:

  • had no theoretical D2 spots
  • have gained 1 spot automatically
  • have the maximum spots at the Divisions overall

We offered the additional spots in the following order:

  1. Czech Republic
  2. Switzerland
  3. Norway
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Poland
  6. France

There was a 3-way tie between Czech Republic, Norway and Switzerland for an additional spot.
Switzerland has previously forfeited one of their original spots, so was no longer in contention for an additional spot.  Norway already held a spot in D1, so Czech Republic received the priority.

Czech Republic accepted the additional spot.
Norway has declined the additional spot.
United Kingdom has accepted the additional spot.
Poland has declined the additional spot.
France has declined the additional spot.

That left 1 spot open.

With multiple ties in Delta, and the limited time to fill the last spot, we asked all NGBs, with the exception of NGBs who’ve previously declined additional spots, to let us know whether they would be able to fill one more Spot.

2 NGBs informed us they would be able to send an additional team: Belgium & Spain.
As Belgium has a higher Delta, the last Spot in Division 2 is awarded to Belgium.

You can find an overview of the new distribution, including previous additions, here:

NGBD1 SpotsD2 SpotsTotal Spots
Belgium31 (+1)4
Czech Republic03 (+1)3
UK63 (+1)9
Emerging Areas00 (-3)0