European Quidditch Championships 2012

The event was a qualifier event for IQA World Cup VI.
“IQA World Cup” was a global club competition held by the then-so-name “International Quidditch Association”, now “US Quidditch”.


Féderation du Quidditch Français (France)

  • Paris Phénix
  • Paris Frog
  • Anthéna Lesparre
  • Nantes Quidditch
  • Toulouse Quidditch

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  • Milano Meneghins

Round Robin


Team ATeam B
Milano Meneghins9040*Nantes Quidditch
Paris Phénix50*20Paris Frog
Anthéna Lesparre50*20Toulouse Quidditch
Paris Phénix100*0Nantes Quidditch
Paris Frog50*0Milano Meneghins
Paris Phénix160*0Anthéna Lesparre
Paris Frog60*10Nantes Quidditch
Milano Meneghins80*20Toulouse Quidditch
Paris Phénix130*40Milano Meneghins
Paris Frog80*0Anthéna Lesparre
Paris Phénix100*30Toulouse Quidditch
Anthéna Lesparre100*90Nantes Quidditch
Toulouse Quidditch090*Paris Frog
Milano Meneghins120*70Anthéna Lesparre
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime
A second * denotes a snitch catch by that team in overtime.


# = Position / Rank
W = Wins
L = Losses
P+ = Points Scored

P- = Points Conceded
PD = Point Differential

1Paris Phénix5054090450
2Paris Frog4130060240
3Milano Meneghins3233031020
4Anthéna Lesparre23220470-250
5Nantes Quidditch04140350-210
6Toulouse Quidditch0470320-250

Final Ranking

  1. 🥇 Paris Phénix
  2. 🥈 Paris Frog
  3. 🥉 Milano Meneghins
  4. Anthéna Lesparre
  5. Nantes Quidditch
  6. Toulouse Quidditch