European Quidditch Cup 2017

Participating Teams & National Seeds

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  1. Warwick QC
  2. Velociraptors QC
  3. Werewolves of London
  4. Durhamstrang
  5. Brizzlebears
  6. Tornadoes QC

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  1. Rheinos Bonn
  2. Three River Dragons Passau
  3. Darmstadt Athenas

Quidditch Derneği (Turkey)

  1. METU Unicorns
  2. ODTÜ Hippogriffs
  3. ITÜ Honeybees

Asociación Quidditch España (Spain)

  1. Lumos Compostela
  2. Bizkaia Boggarts

Quidditch Nederland (The Netherlands)

  1. Dom Tower Dementors

Poslka Liga Quidditcha (Poland)

  1. Warsaw Mermaids

Féderation du Quidditch Français (France)

  1. Titans Paris
  2. Paris Frog
  3. Crookshanks Lyon

Belgian Quidditch Federation (Belgium)

  1. Antwerp QC
  2. Liège Leviathans
  3. Brussels Qwaffles

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  1. Virtute Romana
  2. Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
  3. Milano Meneghins

Norges Rumpeldunkforbund (Norway)

  1. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  2. OSI Vikings

Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya (Catalonia)

  1. Barcelona Eagles

Quidditch Austria (Austria)

  1. Vienna Vanguards

Teams from Emerging Areas

  • Dublin Draíochta Dragons (Ireland)
  • Prague Pegasus (Czech Republic)
  • Aemona Argonauts (Slovenia)

Group Draw

  • Each group will have one team from Pot 1, one team from Pot 2 and two teams from Pot 3.
  • No two teams from the same NGB will be in the same group.
    • If a team is drawn to a group where there is already a team from the same NGB, the team will be assigned to the next applicable group.
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 3
Titans ParisBrizzlebearsBarcelona EaglesLumos Compostela
Antwerp QCGreen-Tauros Quidditch TorinoParis FrogDarmstadt Athenas
Warwick QCLiège LeviathansCrookshanks LyonBizkaia Boggarts
METU UnicornsTornadoes QCBrussels QwafflesWarsaw Mermaids
Velociraptors QCODTÜ HippogriffsThree River Dragons PassauDom Tower Dementors
Werewolves of LondonRheinos BonnITÜ HoneybeesDublin Draíochta Dragons
DurhamstrangNTNUI RumpeldunkVienna VanguardsPrague Pegasus
Virtute RomanaOSI VikingsMilano MeneghinsAemona Argonauts

Group Stage


Team ATeam B
Warwick QC200*20Dublin Draíochta Dragons
Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino120*60Brussels Qwaffles
Dom Tower Dementors60*180Virtute Romana
NTNUI Rumpeldunk300*160ITU Honeybees
Lumos Compostela200*60Milano Meneghins
METU Unicorns160*90OSI Vikings
Crookshanks Lyon70*150Velociraptors QC
Rheinos Bonn180*50Bizkaia Boggarts
Brizzlebears130*60Warsaw Mermaids
Antwerp QC130*60Paris Frog
ODTÜ Hippogriffs80100*Darmstadt Athenas
Aemona Argonauts0150*Werewolves of London
Three River Dragons Passau120*40Tornadoes QC
Barcelona Eagles70160*Titans Paris
Liège Leviathans130*30Prague Pegasus
Vienna Vanguards40120*Durhamstrang
Lumos Compostela30170*METU Unicorns
Milano Meneghins10210*OSI Vikings
Warwick QC140*80Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
Dublin Draíochta Dragons10150*Brussels Qwaffles
Dom Tower Dementors30250*NTNUI Rumpeldunk
Virtute Romana130*90ITU Honeybees
ODTÜ Hippogriffs17090*Aemona Argonauts
Darmstadt Athenas60*100Werewolves of London
Crookshanks Lyon140*70Rheinos Bonn
Velociraptors QC20070*Bizkaia Boggarts
Brizzlebears090*Antwerp QC
Warsaw Mermaids60150*Paris Frog
Liège Leviathans70*30Vienna Vanguards
Prague Pegasus20210*Durhamstrang
Three River Dragons Passau170*50Barcelona Eagles
Tornadoes QC30180*Titans Paris
Dom Tower Dementors80*150ITÜ Honeybees
Virtute Romana70170*NTNUI Rumpeldunk
Lumos Compostela100**80OSI Vikings
Milano Meneghins30210*METU Unicorns
Warwick QC100*30Brussels Qwaffles
Dublin Draíochta Dragons40170*Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
Brizzlebears60110*Paris Frog
Warsaw Mermaids30240*Antwerp QC
ODTÜ Hippogriffs8090Werewolves of London
Darmstadt Athenas140*40Aemona Argonauts
Crookshanks Lyon120*40Bizkaia Boggarts
Velociraptors QC130*50Rheinos Bonn
Three River Dragons Passau30130*Titans Paris
Tornadoes QC110130*Barcelona Eagles
Liège Leviathans170*100Durhamstrang
Prague Pegasus50*140Vienna Vanguards
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime
A second * denotes a snitch catch by that team in overtime.


The ranking of the teams in a group will be according to:

  1. Number of wins (W)
  2. Quaffle Point differentials (cQPD)
  3. Number of snitch catches (SC)
  4. Head to head
  5. Coin toss

Group A

1Warwick QC303220
2Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino212100
3Brussels Qwaffles12140
4Dublin Draíochta Dragons030-360

Group B

1NTNUI Rumpeldunk303370
2Virtute Romana21190
3ITÜ Honeybees120-20
4Dom Tower Dementors032-440

Group C

1METU Unicorns303330
2Lumos Compostela212-40
3OSI Vikings121140
4Milano Meneghins030-430

Group D

1Velociraptors QC301320
2Crooshanks Lyon213-20
3Rheinos Bonn12110
4Bizkaia Boggarts031-310

Group E

1Antwerp QC303230
2Paris Frog21240
4Warsaw Mermaids030-280

Group F

1Werewolves of London302170
2Darmstadt Athenas213-10
3ODTÜ Hippogriffs120140
4Aemona Argonauts031-300

Group G

1Titans Paris303250
2Three River Dragons Passau21270
3Barcelona Eagles121-160
4Tornadoes QC030-200

Group H

1Liège Leviathans303120
3Vienna Vanguards12060
4Prague Pegasus031-350

Top 2 of each group qualify for Division 1 (Upper Bracket).
Bottom 2 of each group qualify for Division 2 (Lower Bracket).

In Division 1, first place of a group will play against the second place of another random group.
In Division 2, 3rd place of a group will play against the 4th place of another random group.


Division 1 – Road to Championship

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
NTNUI Rumpeldunk 130*
Crookshanks Lyon80
NTNUI Rumpeldunk100*
Titans Paris80
Titans Paris210*
Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino30
NTNUI Rumpeldunk110
METU Unicorns190*
METU Unicorns190*
METU Unicorns140*
Warwick QC50
Warwick QC180*
Virtute Romana80
METU Unicorns110
Antwerp A120*
Liège Leviathans100
Paris Frog140*NTNUI Rumpeldunk60
Paris Frog60Werewolves of London80*
Antwerp QC120*
Antwerp QC90*
Darmstadt Athenas20
Antwerp QC110*
Werewolves of London30
Velociraptors QC130*
Lumos Compostela30
Velociraptors QC60
Werewolves of London70*
Werewolves of London80*
Three River Dragons Passau60

Division 1 – 5-8th Place Play-Off

Titans Paris160*
Warwick QC80
Titans Paris90*
Velociraptors QC60
Warwick QCFF
Paris Frog150*
Velociraptors QC?
Paris Frog?

Division 1 – Consolation 9th-16th Place

Crookshanks Lyon190*
Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino180
Virtute Romana130*
Liège Leviathans20
Darmstadt Athenas120*
Lumos Compostela30
Three River Dragons Passau130*

Division 2

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Brussels Qwaffles160
Dom Tower Dementors50*
Brussels Qwaffles50
ITÜ Honeybees130*
ITÜ Honeybees110*
Bizkaia Boggarts50
Barcelona Eagles190*
ITÜ Honeybees160
Barcelona Eagles160*
Aemona Argonauts80
Barcelona Eagles130*
Vienna Vanguards110
Vienna Vanguards90*
Tornadoes QC50
Barcelona Eagles40
OSI Vikings70*
ODTÜ Hippogriffs310*
Milano Meneghins100
ODTÜ Hippogriffs80
OSI Vikings90*
OSI Vikings130*
Warsaw Mermaids50
Rheinos Bonn110
OSI Vikings120*
Rheinos Bonn130*
Dublin Draíochta Dragons10
Rheinos Bonn150*
Prague Pegasus50*

Division 2 – Consolation 25th-32nd Place

Dom Tower Dementors60*
Bizkaia Boggarts100
Aemona Argonauts70
Tornadoes QC150*
Milano Meneghins150
Warsaw Mermaids280*
Dublin Draíochta Dragons110
Prague Pegasus60*

Final Ranking

The ranking of the teams will be according to:

  1. The round they are eliminated from the bracket
  2. Point differentials
  3. Number of snitch catches
  4. Number of forfeits

  1. 🥇 Antwerp QC
  2. 🥈 METU Unicorns
  3. 🥉 Werewolves of London
  4. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  5. Titans Paris
  6. Velociraptors QC
  7. Paris Frog
  8. Warwick QC
  9. Three River Dragons Passau
  10. Darmstadt Athenas
  11. Virtute Romana
  12. Crookshanks Lyon
  13. Liège Leviathans
  14. Durhamstrang
  15. Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
  16. Lumos Compostela
  17. OSI Vikings
  18. Barcelona Eagles
  19. Rheinos Bonn
  20. ITÜ Honeybees
  21. ODTÜ Hippogriffs
  22. Brussels Qwaffles
  23. Vienna Vanguards
  24. Brizzlebears
  25. Tornadoes QC
  26. Warsaw Mermaids
  27. Bizkaia Boggarts
  28. Dublin Draíochta Dragons
  29. Aemona Argonauts
  30. Prague Pegasus
  31. Dom Tower Dementors
  32. Milano Meneghins