European Quidditch Cup 2019 – Division Two

Participating Teams

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  • Looping Lux Leipzig
  • Bielefelder Basilisken
  • Augsburg Owls
  • Berlin Bluecaps

Poslka Liga Quidditcha (Poland)

  • Wroclaw Wanderers

Česká asociace famfrpálu (Czech Republic)

  • Prague Pegasus

Quidditch Eire (Ireland)

  • Dublin Dríochta Dragons

Schweizerischer Quidditchverband (Switzerland)

  • Basel Basilisks

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  • Southampton QC
  • Liverpool QC

Quidditch Austria (Austria)

  • Vienna Vanguards

Quidditch Nederland (The Netherlands)

  • Twentse Thestrals

Svenska Quidditchförbundet (Sweden)

  • W-Dala Winged Does

Asociación Quidditch España (Spain)

  • Malaka Vikings

Teams from Emerging Areas

  • Pressburg Phantoms (Slovakia)
  • Hafnia Harpies (Denmark)

Flight Stage

The 16 teams are randomly* allocated into 2 “flights”, as described in section 2, thus creating 2 pools of 8 teams.

Within each flight the teams participate in a Swiss-system tournament** with 3 rounds, meaning that every team plays against three different teams within their pool. The teams are then ranked within their pool based on points earned and tiebreakers as described in section 3.

* No more than one team of the same NGB may be in the same flight with the exception of the Deutscher Quidditchbund.

** A Swiss-system tournament is a non-eliminating tournament format which features a set number of rounds of competition, but considerably fewer than in a round-robin tournament. In a Swiss tournament, each team does not play every other. In a Swiss-style tournament, teams of equal skill are paired against each other in each round. For example, after each team has played one game, each team with a 1-0 record will compete against another team with a 1-0 record, and each team with a 0-1 record will compete against another team with a 0-1 record. After each team has played two games, each 2-0 team will play another 2-0 team, each 1-1 team will play another 1-1 team, and each 0-2 team will play another 0-2 team, etc. Teams will only compete against other teams in the same flight.

Flight A

Berlin Bluecaps
Looping Lux Leipzig
Liverpool QC
W-Dala Winged Does
Vienna Vanguards
Twentse Thestrals
Wroclaw Wanderers
Basel Basilisks

Flight B

Bielefelder Basilisken
Augsburg Owls
Southampton QC
Dublin Draíochta Dragons
Malaka Vikings
Hafnia Harpies
Pressburg Phantoms
Prague Pegasus


Team ATeam B
Vienna Vanguards150*60Wroclaw Wanderers
W-Dala Winged Does30180*Looping Lux Leipzig
Liverpool QC130*40Twentse Thestrals
Basel Basilisks10150*Berlin Bluecaps
Southampton QC220*90Malaka Vikings
Prague Pegasus20140*Pressburg Phantoms
Bielefelder Basilisken100110*Augsburg Owls
Hafnia Harpies120*°100°°Dublin Draíochta Dragons
Berlin Bluecaps4070*Looping Lux Leipzig
Liverpool QC80*70Vienna Vanguards
Wroclaw Wanderers11060Twentse Thestrals
W-Dala Winged Does70*40Basel Basilisks
Hafnia Harpies50180*Augsburg Owls
Pressburg Phantoms50160*Southampton QC
Bielefelder Basilisken13050*Dublin Draíochta Dragons
Malaka Vikings160*0Prague Pegasus
Twentse Thestrals10070*Basel Basilisks
Vienna Vanguards80120*Berlin Bluecaps
W-Dala Winged Does40180*Wroclaw Wanderers
Looping Lux Leipzig4050*Liverpool QC
Dublin Draíochta Dragons180*70Prague Pegasus
Bielefelder Basilisken190*100Malaka Vikings
Pressburg Phantoms200*40Hafnia Harpies
Southampton QC90140Augsburg Owls
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime
A second * denotes a snitch catch by that team in overtime.


The rankings to determine placement within flights are decided based on the following criteria:

  1. Highest number of games won (W)
  2. Victory on head-to-head if played.
  3. Strength of Schedule.
    1. Highest opponent’s strength value (OS)
      The opponent’s strength of a team is calculated as the sum of number of games won by the opponent’s faced by the team.
    2. Highest opponent’s opponent’s strength value (OOS)
      The opponent’s opponent’s strength of a team is calculated as the sum of the number of victories of every team faced by the team’s opponents (not including the team itself as an opponent of its opponents).
  4. Highest points ratio (PR)
    Points ratio is calculated as the number of points scored by a team divided by the points conceded by that team.
  5. Most points scored.
  6. Least points conceded.
    PD = Point Differential. Points Scored minus Points Conceded.
  7. Most snitch catches.
  8. Least straight red cards.
  9. Least double yellow cards.
  10. Least single yellow cards.
  11. Least blue cards.
  12. Coin toss.

Flight A

1Liverpool QC3491,73390
2Looping Lux Leipzig2652,417170
3Berlin Bluecaps23111,938150
4Wroclaw Wanderers23101,400100
5Vienna Vanguards1771,15440
6Twentse Thestrals1580,677-100
7W-Dala Winged Does14100,350-260
8Basel Basilisks04120,364-210

Flight B

1Augsburg Owls3581,792190
2Southampton QC2661,679190
3Bielefelder Basilisken2561,615160
4Pressburg Phantoms23101,773170
5Hafnia Harpies1680,438-270
6Malaka Vikings14120,854-60
7Dublin Draíochta Dragons13121,03110
8Prague Pegasus04100,188-390


Road to Championship

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Liverpool QC (A1)140*
Prague Pegasus (B8)40
Liverpool QC40
Vienna Vanguards100*
Vienna Vanguards (A5)230*
Pressburg Phantoms (B4)30
Vienna Vanguards50*°
Berlin Bluecaps100°*
W-Dala Winged Does (A7)30
Southampton QC (B2)170*
Southampton QC30
Berlin Bluecaps130*
Berlin Bluecaps (A3)150*
Malaka Vikings (B6)70
Berlin Bluecaps120*
Looping Lux Leipzig50
Augsburg Owls (B1)110*
Basel Basilisks (A8)60Vienna Vanguards190°°°
Augsburg Owls110*Augsburg Owls180*°°
Wroclaw Wanderers30
Hafnia Harpies (B5)40*
Wroclaw Wanderers (A4)160
Augsburg Owls40
Looping Lux Leipzig90*
Dublin Draíochta Dragons (B7)20
Looping Lux Leipzig (A2)200*
Looping Lux Leipzig100*
Bielefelder Basilisken60
Bielefelder Basilisken (B3)200
Twentse Thestrals (A6)60*

5-8th Place Play-Off

Liverpool QC80*
Southampton QC70
Liverpool QC130*
Bielefelder Basilisken50
Southampton QC100
Wroclaw Wanderers120*
Bielefelder Basilisken100*
Wroclaw Wanderers60

9-12th Place Play-Off

Prague Pegasus40
Pressburg Phantoms120*
Pressburg Phantoms80
Malaka Vikings200*
W-Dala Winged Does30
Malaka Vikings250*
Malaka Vikings140*
Basel Basilisks10
Pressburg Phantoms110*
Dublin Draíochta Dragons110*Dublin Draíochta Dragons 30
Twentse Thestrals100
Dublin Draíochta Dragons 60
Basel Basilisks 110*
Basel Basilisks140*
Hafnia Harpies60

13-16th Place Play-Off

Prague Pegasus100
W-Dala Winged Does200*
W-Dala Winged Does60*
Twentse Thestrals120
Prague Pegasus40
Hafnia Harpies140*
Twentse Thestrals150*
Hafnia Harpies120

Final Ranking

  1. 🥇 Berlin Bluecaps
  2. 🥈 Looping Lux Leipzig
  3. 🥉 Vienna Vanguards
  4. Augsburg Owls
  5. Bielefelder Basilisken
  6. Liverpool QC
  7. Wroclaw Wanderers
  8. Southampton QC
  9. Malaka Vikings
  10. Basel Basilisks
  11. Pressburg Phantoms
  12. Dublin Draíochta Dragons
  13. Twentse Thestrals
  14. W-Dala Winged Does
  15. Hafnia Harpies
  16. Prague Pegasus