European Quidditch Cup 2022 – Division Two

Participating Teams & National Seeds

Česká asociace famfrpálu (Czech Republic)

  1. Brno Banshees
  2. Prague Pegasus

Dansk Quidditchforbund (Denmark)

  1. Aarhus Owls Quidditch

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  1. Bielefelder Basilisken
  2. Looping Lux Leipzig

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  1. Hinkypunks Bologna Quidditch
  2. Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club

Quidditch Nederland (The Netherlands)

  1. Rotterdam Ravens
  2. Twentse Thestrals

Polska Liga Quidditcha (Poland)

  1. Kraków Dragons
  2. Warsaw Mermaids

Asociación Quidditch España (Spain)

  1. Dementores A Coruña
  2. Lumos Compostela
  3. Madrid Lynx
  4. Bizkaia Boggarts

Schweizerischer Quidditchverband (Switzerland)

  1. Turicum Thunderbirds
  2. Basel Basilisks

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  1. Oxford Mammoths
  2. Southsea Quidditch
  3. Werewolves of London Seconds
  4. Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
  5. Southampton QC

Teams from Emerging Areas

  • Aemona Argonauts (Slovenia)
  • Pressburg Phantoms (Slovakia)

Group Stage

The first phase is a regular group round-robin, in which teams play against the other teams in their group.

Group Draw

  • There will be 6 groups. Each group will have 4 teams.
  • Each group will have one team from Pot 1, one team from Pot 2 and two teams from Pot 3.
  • Pots are based on the rankings of EQC2019 Division 1 & 2.
    1. Ranked teams will be placed in the pots, based on the rankings of EQC2019 D1 & D2.
      • Teams from Emerging Areas will be manually allocated in Pot 3.
    2. If an NGB has teams in D1, and has now received spots in D2 in 2022 that they didn’t receive in 2019, the “unranked” teams will be manually allocated in the pots.
      • There will be a maximum of 1 unranked D2 team per pot, with the exception of Pot 3.
    3. If an unranked team takes over the allocation of the ranked team of that same NGB within the pot, the ranked team will stay in that pot.
      • The unranked team will be allocated to the next available pot.
    4. Ranked teams will be allocated to the next available pot, in case unranked teams need to be manually allocated in that pot.
  • No two teams from the same NGB will be in the same group.
    • If a team is drawn to a group where there is already a team from the same NGB, the team will be assigned to the next applicable group.
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 3
Oxford Mammoths
(UK 1 – ranked)
Werewolves of London Seconds
(UK 3 – ranked)
Aarhus Owls QuidditchPrague Pegasus
Dementores A Coruña
(Spain 1 – ranked)
Lumos Compostela
(Spain 2 – ranked)
Basel BasilisksSouthampton QC
Southsea Quidditch
(UK 2 – ranked)
Turicum Thunderbirds
(Switzerland 1 – ranked)
Bizkaia BoggartsTwentse Thestrals
Kraków Dragons
(Poland 1 – ranked)
Rotterdam Ravens
(The Netherlands 1 – ranked)
Brno BansheesWarsaw Mermaids
Bielefelder Basilisken
(Germany 1 – D1)
Looping Lux Leipzig
(Germany 2 – D1)
Edinburgh Holyrood HippogriffsAemona Argonauts
(Emerging Area)
Hinkypunks Bologna Quidditch
(Italy 1 – D1)
Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club
(Italy 2 – D1)
Madrid LynxPressburg Phantoms
(Emerging Area)


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
Aemona ArgonautsBizkaia BoggartsBielefelder BasiliskenBombardia Brixia QCAarhus OwlsDementores A Coruña
Kraków DragonsLooping Lux LeipzigEdinburgh Holyrood HippogriffsBrno BansheesBasel BasilisksSouthampton QC
Prague PegasusSouthsea QuidditchLumos CompostelaMadrid LynxHinkypunks BolognaTuricum Thunderbirds
Werewolves of London 2ndsWarsaw MermaidsPressburg PhantomsOxford MammothsRotterdam RavensTwentse Thestrals


Team ATeam B
Aemona Argonauts190*130Prague Pegasus
Kraków Dragons130*40Werewolves of London 2nds
Bielefelder Basilisken160*70Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
Lumos Compostela120*30Pressburg Phantoms
Looping Lux Leipzig4070*Bizkaia Boggarts
Southsea Quidditch150°120*Warsaw Mermaids
Rotterdam Ravens150*50Basel Basilisks
Southampton QC6080*Turicum Thunderbirds
Dementores A Coruña170*40Twentse Thestrals
Bombarda Brixia QC140*170°Madrid Lynx
Hinkypunks Bologna18070*Aarhus Owls
Oxford Mammoths100*60Brno Banshees
Bielefelder Basilisken90°70Lumos Compostela
Looping Lux Leipzig110*140°Warsaw Mermaids
Kraków Dragons120*70Prague Pegasus
Southsea Quidditch120*40Bizkaia Boggarts
Werewolves of London 2nds70140*Aemona Argonauts
Pressburg Phantoms80130*Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
Brno Banshees80*130Madrid Lynx
Rotterdam Ravens12060*Aarhus Owls
Oxford Mammoths90*70Bombarda Brixia QC
Hinkypunks Bologna140°60*Basel Basilisks
Twentse Thestrals150*60Southampton QC
Dementores A Coruña290*30Turicum Thunderbirds
Southsea Quidditch140°210*Looping Lux Leipzig
Werewolves of London 2nds80*110°Prague Pegasus
Kraków Dragons150*40Aemona Argonauts
Lumos Compostela170*60Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
Bizkaia Boggarts110*100Warsaw Mermaids
Bielefelder Basilisken120°80*Pressburg Phantoms
Turicum Thunderbirds80150*Twentse Thestrals
Oxford Mammoths140180*Madrid Lynx
Hinkypunks Bologna120*80Rotterdam Ravens
Bombarda Brixia QC130°90Brno Banshees
Aarhus Owls100200*Basel Basilisks
Dementores A Coruña200*40Southampton QC
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime


The following criteria will be used to determine a team’s ranking in the group stage:

  1. Number of matches won
  2. Head-to-head
  3. Number of games won out of snitch range.
    • Games going into overtime are considered to be within snitch range
  4. Total Point Difference, capped at 90 (including snitch catches)
  5. Total seeker floor difference, uncapped
    • = point difference at the end of the seeker floor (18 minutes game time)
  6. Coin Toss

Group A

1Kraków Dragons303230160
2Aemona Argonauts21240-110
3Prague Pegasus120-80-30
4Werewolves of London 2nds030-190-20

Group B

1Southsea Quidditch2114070
2Bizkaia Boggarts210-40-90
3Warsaw Mermaids120-1020
4Looping Lux Leipzig121100

Group C

1Bielefelder Basilisken302150140
2Lumos Compostela212160140
3Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs121-130-140
4Pressburg Phantoms030-180-140

Group D

1Madrid Lynx30212090
2Oxford Mammoths2112020
3Bombarda Brixia QC121-10-10
4Brno Banshees030-130-100

Group E

1Hinkypunks Bologna303210200
2Rotterdam Ravens21211090
3Basel Basilisks121-80-120
4Aarhus Owls030-240-170

Group F

1Dementores A Coruña303270310
2Twentse Thestrals21270-60
3Turicum Thunderbirds120-140-120
4Southampton QC030-200-130

Flight Stage

Phase 2 determines the placement of the teams in the bracket.

Each team is going into flights based on their ranking within their group in Phase 1.

Top FlightUpper Middle FlightLower Middle FlightBottom Flight
Kraków Dragons (A1)Aemona Argonauts (A2)Prague Pegasus (A3)Werewolves of London 2nds (A4)
Southsea Quidditch (B1)Bizkaia Boggarts (B2)Warsaw Mermaids (B3)Looping Lux Leipzig (B4)
Bielefelder Basilisken (C1)Lumos Compostela (C2)Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs (C3)Pressburg Phantoms (C4)
Madrid Lynx (D1)Oxford Mammoths (D2)Bombarda Brixia QC (D3)Brno Banshees (D4)
Hinkypunks Bologna (E1)Bombarda Brixia (E2)Basel Basilisks (E3)Aarhus Owls (E4)
Dementores A Coruña (F1)Twente Thestrals (F2)Turicum Thunderbirds (F3)Southampton QC (F4)

Ranking Before

Bases on the rankings in the Group Stage.

Top Flight

1Dementores A Coruña303270310
2Kraków Dragons303230160
3Hinkypunks Bologna303210200
4Bielefelder Basilisken302150140
5Madrid Lynx30212090
6Southsea Quidditch2114070

Upper Middle Flight

1Lumos Compostela212160310
2Rotterdam Ravens212110160
3Twentse Thestrals21270200
4Aemona Argonauts21240140
5Oxford Mammoths2112090
6Bizkaia Boggarts211-4070

Lower Middle Flight

1Warsaw Mermaids12-1020
2Bombarda Brixia QC12-10-10
3Prague Pegasus12-80-30
4Basel Basilisks12-80-120
5Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs12-130-140
6Turicum Thunderbirds12-140-120

Bottom Flight

1Looping Lux Leipzig12100
2Brno Banshees03-130-100
3Pressburg Phantoms03-180-140
4Werewolves of London 2nds03-190-20
5Southampton QC03-200-130
6Aarhus Owls03-240-170


Each team plays 2 rounds, based on ranking within their flight. The games play out as follows:

Games Round 1

Game 1: #1 vs #2
Game 2: #3 vs #4
Game 3: #5 vs #6

Ranking after Round 1

#1 Winner Game 1
#2 Winner Game 2
#3 Winner Game 3
#4 Loser Game 1
#5 Loser Game 2
#6 Loser Game 3

Games Round 2

Game 4: W1 vs W2
Game 5: W3 vs L1
Game 6: L2 vs L3

Ranking after Round 2

#1 Winner Game 4
#2 Loser Game 4 or Winner Game 5*
#3 Loser Game 4 or Winner Game 5*
#4 Loser Game 5 or Winner Game 6*
#5 Loser Game 5 or Winner Game 6*
#6 Loser Game 6

Team ATeam B
Dementores A Coruña20090*Kraków Dragons
Hinkypunks Bologna8090*Bielefelder Basilisken
Madrid Lynx180*210°Southsea Quidditch
Lumos Compostela80*140°Rotterdam Ravens
Twentse Thestrals50130*Aemona Argonauts
Oxford Mammoths70100Bizkaia Boggarts
Bombarda Brixia QC140*60Basel Basilisks
Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogrifs100*130°Warsaw Mermaids
Prague Pegasus210*40Turicum Thunderbirds
Looping Lux Leipzig130*70Brno Banshees
Pressburg Phantoms 60110*Werewolves of London 2nds
Southampton QC90*0Aarhus Owls
Lumos Compostela160*80Aemona Argonauts
Bizkaia Boggarts90*40Rotterdam Ravens
Twentse Thestrals80*110°Oxford Mammoths
Bombarda Brixia QC70*50Warsaw Mermaids
Prague Pegasus80°50*Basel Basilisks
Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs4090*Turicum Thunderbirds
Looping Lux Leipzig90160*Werewolves of London 2nds
Southampton QC150180*Brno Banshees
Pressburg Phantoms150°80*Aarhus Owls
Dementores A Coruña150*50Bielefelder Basilisken
Southsea Quidditch3090*Kraków Dragons
Hinkypunks Bologna5080*Madrid Lynx
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime

Rankings After

The following criteria will be used to determine a team’s ranking in the flight phase:

  1. Number of matches won
  2. Strength of Schedule
    • Game i > game k, for i < k within each round
    • i.e. Game 1 > Game 2 > Game 3; Game 4 > Game 5 > Game 6
  3. Number of games won out of snitch range.
    • Games going into overtime are considered to be within snitch range
  4. Total Point Difference, capped at 90 (including snitch catches)
  5. Total seeker floor difference, uncapped
    • = point difference at the end of the seeker floor (18 minutes game time)
  6. Coin Toss

Top Flight

1Dementores A Coruña1180200
2Bielefelder Basilisken0-80-90
3Kraków Dragons1-30-100
4Southsea Quidditch0-3010
5Madrid Lynx00-30
6Hinkypunks Bologna0-4010

Upper Middle Flight

1Lumos Compostela120-10
2Bizkaia Boggarts180-10
3Aemona Argonauts10-120
4Oxford Mammoths0030
5Rotterdam Ravens01060
6Twentse Thestrals0-11050

Lower Middle Flight

1Bombarda Brixia QC110030
2Prague Pegasus112090
3Warsaw Mermaids01030
4Turicum Thunderbirds1-40-50
5Basel Basilisks0-110-60
6Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs0-80-40

Bottom Flight

1Werewolves of London 2nds2120100
2Looping Lux Leipzig1-10-60
3Brno Banshees0-30-20
4Southampton QC16060
5Pressburg Phantoms020-60
6Aarhus Owls0-160-20


There will be 3 separate brackets of 8 teams each:

  • Upper Bracket
    • All 6 teams of the Top Flight will automatically proceed into the Upper Bracket
    • The top 2 teams of the Upper Middle Flight will proceed into the Upper Bracket
  • Middle Bracket
    • The bottom 4 teams of Upper Middle Flight will proceed into the Middle Bracket
    • The top 4 teams of the Lower Middle Flight will proceed into the Middle Bracket
  • Lower Bracket
    • The bottom 2 teams of the Lower Middle Flight will proceed into the Lower Bracket
    • All 6 teams from the Bottom Flight will proceed into the Lower Bracket

Upper Bracket – Road to Championship

QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Dementores A Coruña (TF1)250*
Bizkaia Boggarts (UMF2)50
Dementores A Coruña170
Southsea Quidditch60*
Southsea Quidditch (TF4)110*
Madrid Lynx (TF5)70
Dementores A Coruña200*
Bielefelder Basilisken130
Southsea Quidditch120
Bielefelder Basilisken (TF2)120Kraków Dragons90*
Lumos Compostela (UMB1)60*
Kraków Dragons70*
Bielefelder Basilisken140
Kraków Dragons (TF3)100
Hinkypunks Bologna (TF6)90*

Upper Bracket – 5-8th Place Play-Off

Bizkaia Boggarts30
Madrid Lynx110*
Madrid Lynx50
Lumos Compostela80*
Bizkaia Boggarts170*
Hinkypunks Bologna100
Hinkypunks Bologna130*
Lumos Compostela160

Middle Bracket

Aemona Argonauts (UMF3)130*
Turicum Thunderbirds (LMF4)40
Aemona Argonauts70
Bombarda Brixia QC90*
Twentse Thestrals (UMF6)80
Bombarda Brixia QC (LMF1)150*
Bombarda Brixia QC90
Warsaw Mermaids150*
Aemona Argonauts100*
Rotterdam Ravens (UMF5)80*Prague Pegasus10
Prague Pegasus (LMF2)90
Prague Pegasus80*
Warsaw Mermaids100
Oxford Mammoths (UMF4)60
Warsaw Mermaids (LMF3)110*

Middle Bracket – 13-16th Place Play-Off

Turicum Thunderbirds100*
Twentse Thestrals130
Twentse Thestrals120*
Oxford Mammoths70
Turicum Thunderbirds110*
Rotterdam Ravens90
Rotterdam Ravens30
Oxford Mammoths150*

Lower Bracket

Basel Basilisks (LMF5)90*
Aarhus Owls (BF6)FF
Basel Basilisks70
Looping Lux Leipzig150*
Looping Lux Leipzig (BF2)140
Brno Banshees (BF3)100*
Looping Lux LeipzigFF
Werewolves of London 2nds90*
Basel Basilisks90*
Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs (LMF6)130*Edinburgh Holyrood HippogriffsFF
Pressburg Phantoms (BF5)40
Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs30
Werewolves of London 2nds140*
Werewolves of London 2nds (BF1)150*
Southampton QC (BF4)50

Lower Bracket – 21-24th Place Play-Off

Aarhus OwlsFF
Brno Banshees90*
Brno Banshees90*
Southampton QCFF
Aarhus Owls0
Pressburg Phantoms90*
Southampton QC190
Pressburg Phantoms90*

Final Ranking

  1. 🥇 Dementores A Coruña
  2. 🥈 Bielefelder Basilisken
  3. 🥉 Southsea Quidditch
  4. Kraków Dragons
  5. Lumos Compostela
  6. Madrid Lynx
  7. Bizkaia Boggarts
  8. Hinkypunks Bologna
  9. Warsaw Mermaids
  10. Bombarda Brixia QC
  11. Aemona Argonauts
  12. Prague Pegasus
  13. Twentse Thestrals
  14. Oxford Mammoths
  15. Turicum Thunderbirds
  16. Rotterdam Ravens
  17. Werewolves of London 2nds
  18. Looping Lux Leipzig
  19. Basel Basilisks
  20. Edinburgh Holyrood Hippogriffs
  21. Brno Banshees
  22. Southampton QC
  23. Pressburg Phantoms
  24. Aarhus Owls