EQC2023 – Division One

Participating Teams & National Seeds


  1. Danube Direwolves


  1. Antwerp Quidditch
  2. Ghent Gargoyles
  3. Liège Leviathans Quadball Club


  1. Bocs Folls


  1. Titans Paris Quidditch
  2. Paris Frog Quidditch
  3. Olympiens Paris Quidditch
  4. Toulouse Minotaures


  1. Rheinos Bonn
  2. Münchner Wolpertinger
  3. Ruhr Phoenix
  4. Braunschweiger Broomicorns
  5. Heidelberger HellHounds
  6. SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky
  7. Augsburg Owls


  1. DNA Quidditch Club
  2. Siena Ghibellines Quidditch Club


  1. Sagene IF Quidditch
  2. NTNUI Rumpeldunk


  1. Kraków Dragons


  1. Dementores Coruña
  2. Malaka Vikings QT
  3. Madrid Lynx

United Kingdom

  1. London Quidditch Club A
  2. Werewolves of London Firsts
  3. Olympians
  4. Werewolves of London Seconds
  5. Velociraptors
  6. Phoenix Quidditch
  7. Southsea Quadball
  8. West Country Rebels QC

Group Draw

There will be 8 groups. Each group will have 4 teams.

  • Each group will have one team from Pot 1, one team from Pot 2 and two teams from Pot 3.
  • Pots are based on the rankings of EQC2022 Division 1 and the current national seeds.
  • No two teams from the same NGB will be in the same group.
    • If a team is drawn to a group where there is already a team from the same NGB, the team will be assigned to the next applicable group.
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 3
London Quidditch Club A
(UK 1)
Münchner Wolpertinger
(Germany 2)
Danube Direwolves
(Austria 1)
NTNUI Rumpeldunk
(Norway 2)
DNA Quidditch Club
(Italy 1)
Sagene IF Quidditch
(Norway 1)
Liège Leviathans Quadball Club
(Belgium 3)
Kraków Dragons
(Poland 1)
Titans Paris Quidditch
(France 1)
Ghent Gargoyles
(Belgium 2)
Olympiens Paris Quidditch
(France 3)
Malaka Vikings QT
(Spain 2)
Paris Frog Quidditch
(France 2)
Werewolves of London Seconds
(UK 4)
Toulouse Minotaures
(France 4)
Madrid Lynx
(Spain 3)
Antwerp Quidditch
(Belgium 1)
Ruhr Phoenix
(Germany 3)
Heidelberger HellHounds
(Germany 5)
(UK 5)
Rheinos Bonn
(Germany 1)
Braunschweiger Broomicorns
(Germany 4)
SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky
(Germany 6)
Phoenix Quidditch
(UK 6)
Werewolves of London Firsts
(UK 2)
Dementores Coruña
(Spain 1)
Augsburg Owls
(Germany 7)
Southsea Quadball
(UK 7)
(UK 3)
Bocs Folls
(Catalonia 1)
Siena Ghibellines Quidditch Club
(Italy 2)
West Country Rebels QC
(UK 8)

Group Stage


* = flag catch to end the game
^= flag catch to get the game to overtime

TimePitchTeam ATeam BGame Time
8:301Paris Frog50150*Sagene IF00:23:29
2Augsburg Owls150*110Southsea Quadball00:21:29
3Antwerp200*90Bocs Folls00:22:32
4Olympiens Paris210*0West Country Rebels QC00:22:44
5Ruhr Phoenix210*20Danube Direwolves00:20:26
6Madrid Lynx150*40Olympians00:24:52
9:301London QC100*80Braunschweiger Broomicorns00:21:11
2NTNUI Rumpeldunk110*100Liège Leviathans QC00:26:00
3Titans Paris150*50Dementores Coruña00:22:33
4Velociraptors170220*Heidelberger HellHounds00:31:21
5DNA QC170*30Werewolves of London 2nds00:20:39
6Malaka Vikings QT110*70SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky00:23:00
10:301Kraków Dragons100*70Siena Ghibellines QC00:20:43
2Werewolves of London 1sts120*60Münchner Wolpertinger00:20:37
3Olympians130150*Danube Direwolves00:31:10
4Ruhr Phoenix19090^Madrid Lynx00:23:59
5Ghent Gargoyles150*10Toulouse Minotaures00:23:56
6Phoenix 90^140Rheinos Bonn00:32:14
11:301Bocs Folls220*20West Country Rebels QC00:22:13
2Antwerp160*30Olympiens Paris00:22:28
3Sagene IF190*60Augsburg Owls00:21:59
4Southsea Quadball60170*Paris Frog00:25:16
5Braunschweiger Broomicorns180110^NTNUI Rumpeldunk00:23:04
6Liège Leviathans QC0160*London QC00:22:28
12:301Werewolves of London 2nds20150*Malaka Vikings QT00:21:24
2SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky140^160DNA QC00:30:42
3Rheinos Bonn150100^Toulouse Minotaures00:25:25
4Ghent Gargoyles15060^Phoenix00:26:28
5Dementores Coruña110140*Velociraptors00:31:57
6Heidelberger HellHounds40190*Titans Paris00:24:06
13:301Danube Direwolves70170*Madrid Lynx00:20:20
2Olympians40100*Ruhr Phoenix00:25:30
3Münchner Wolpertinger160*50Kraków Dragons00:25:15
4Siena Ghibellines QC70190*Werewolves of London 1sts00:22:40
5Paris Frog13090^Augsburg Owls00:29:24
6Sagene IF120140^Southsea Quadball00:26:30
14:301Titans Paris160*40Velociraptors00:21:12
2Dementores Coruña40120*Heidelberger HellHounds00:21:52
3London QC230*70NTNUI Rumpeldunk00:24:45
4Braunschweiger Broomicorns180*20Liège Leviathans QC00:24:33
5Bocs Folls150*100Olympiens Paris00:25:26
6West Country Rebels QC10200*Antwerp00:20:33
15:301Rheinos Bonn100*50Ghent Gargoyles00:20:50
2Toulouse Minotaures100130*Phoenix00:22:50
3DNA QC160100^Malaka Vikings QT00:29:08
4Werewolves of London 2nds40170*SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky00:20:23
5Werewolves of London 1sts150*40Kraków Dragons00:20:08
6Münchner Wolpertinger180100^Siena Ghibellines QC00:25:58


Teams will be ranked within their own groups based on the following tiebreakers:

  1. Number of the matches won
  2. Total point difference including snitch catches (capped at 90 per game)
  3. Head-to-Head
  4. Snitch Catches
  5. Least Game Time
  6. Coin Toss

# = Position / Rank
W = Wins
L = Losses

PD = capped Point Differential
SC = Snitch Catches
∑GT = Total Game Time played

Group A

1Ruhr Phoenix3024021:09:55
2Madrid Lynx219031:09:11
3Danube Direwolves12-16011:11:56

Group B

1Sagene IF2116021:11:58
2Paris Frog214011:18:09
3Augsburg Owls12-9021:13:02
4Southsea Quadball12-11011:13:25

Group C

2Bocs Folls215021:10:11
3Olympiens Paris12-5011:10:38
4West Country Rebels QC03-27001:05:30

Group D

1London QC A3020031:08:24
2Braunschweiger Broomicorns2114011:08:48
3NTNUI Rumpeldunk12-15021:13:49
4Liège Leviathans03-19001:13:01

Group E

1Titans Paris3027031:07:51
2Heidelberger HellHounds214021:17:19
4Dementores Coruña03-20001:16:22

Group F

1DNA QC3017011:20:29
2Malaka Vikings217031:13:32
3SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky123021:14:05
4Werewolves of London 2nds03-27001:02:26

Group G

1Rheinos Bonn3015011:18:29
2Ghent Gargoyles2113011:11:14
4Toulouse Minotaures03-17011:12:11

Group H

1Werewolves of London Firsts3024031:03:25
2Münchner Wolpertinger2111011:11:50
3Kraków Dragons12-15011:06:06
4Siena Ghibellines03-20011:09:21


Upper Bracket – Road to Championship

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Münchner Wolpertinger60
Ghent Gargoyles40
Sagene IF80
Ghent Gargoyles90*
Ruhr Phoenix30
London QC150*
Heidelberger HellHounds50
London QC120*
Ruhr Phoenix170
Ruhr Phoenix140*
Malaka Vikings QT10
Werewolves of London 1sts30
Madrid Lynx90*Ruhr Phoenix140*
DNA QC80Braunschweiger Broomicorns70
Braunschweiger Broomicorns120*
Titans Paris20
Braunschweiger Broomicorns130*
Braunschweiger Broomicorns50
Werewolves of London 1sts110*
Rheinos Bonn200
Paris Frog170*
Rheinos Bonn120
Werewolves of London 1sts150*
Werewolves of London 1sts200*
Bocs Folls40

Upper Bracket – 5-8th Place Play-Off

Ghent Gargoyles70
London QC100*
London QC190
Rheinos Bonn160*
Ghent Gargoyles120*
Rheinos Bonn140*

Upper Bracket – 9-12th Place Play-Off

Münchner Wolpertinger120*
Sagene IF100
Münchner Wolpertinger110*
Heidelberger HellHounds50
Heidelberger HellHounds90*
Malaka Vikings QT60
Münchner Wolpertinger40
Titans Paris140*
Heidelberger HellHounds80
Madrid Lynx120*Paris Frog130*
Titans Paris190
Titans Paris190
Paris Frog110*
Paris Frog130*
Bocs Folls80

Upper Bracket – 13-16th Place Play-Off

Sagene IF130
Malaka Vikings QT100*
Sagene IF110*
Madrid Lynx160
Malaka Vikings QT130*
Bocs Folls50
Madrid Lynx130
Bocs Folls70*

Lower Bracket

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinals17-20th Place
NTNUI Rumpeldunk130*
Toulouse Minotaures260
Toulouse Minotaures180
Siena Ghibellines QC170*
Danube Direwolves120*
Siena Ghibellines QC140
Toulouse Minotaures90
Dementores Coruña150*
Olympiens Paris110*
Werewolves of London 2nds20
Olympiens Paris120*
Dementores Coruña200
Augsburg Owls110*
Dementores Coruña130
Dementores Coruña170
Olympians100*Toulouse Minotaures160*
SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky150*
SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky110*
Southsea Quadball100
Liège Leviathans QC100
Kraków Dragons60
Kraków Dragons300
West Country Rebels QC80*

Lower Bracket – 21-24th Place Play-Off

Siena Ghibellines QC90*
Olympiens Paris150
Olympiens Paris70
Kraków Dragons80*
Siena Ghibellines QC30
SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky140*
SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky60
Kraków Dragons80*

Lower Bracket – 25-28th Place Play-Off

NTNUI Rumpeldunk60
Danube Direwolves190*
Danube Direwolves90
Augsburg Owls190*
Werewolves of London 2nds150*
Augsburg Owls200
Augsburg Owls90*
Danube Direwolves60
Velociraptors130Liège Leviathans QC90*
Southsea Quadball110*
Liège Leviathans QC60*
Liège Leviathans QC230
West Country Rebels QC60*

Lower Bracket – 29-32th Place Play-Off

NTNUI Rumpeldunk100
Werewolves of London 2nds150*
Werewolves of London 2nds20
Southsea Quadball130*
NTNUI Rumpeldunk180
West Country Rebels QC50*
Southsea Quadball280*
West Country Rebels QC30

Final Ranking

  1. 🥇Antwerp
  2. 🥈Werewolves of London Firsts
  3. 🥉Ruhr Phoenix
  4. Braunschweiger Broomicorns
  5. London QC
  6. Rheinos Bonn
  7. Ghent Gargoyles
  8. DNA QC
  9. Titans Paris
  10. Münchner Wolpertinger
  11. Paris Frog
  12. Heidelberger HellHounds
  13. Madrid Lynx
  14. Sagene IF
  15. Malaka Vikings QT
  16. Bocs Folls
  17. Dementores Coruña
  18. Olympians
  19. Toulouse Minotaures
  20. Phoenix
  21. Kraków Dragons
  22. Olympiens Paris
  23. SCC Berlin Bluecaps Sky
  24. Siena Ghibellines QC
  25. Augsburg Owls
  26. Velociraptors
  27. Liège Leviathans QC
  28. Danube Direwolves
  29. Southsea Quadball
  30. Werewolves of London 2nds
  31. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  32. West Country Rebels QC