EQC2023 Division 2

Participating Teams & National Seeds


  1. Vienna Vanguards
  2. Steelkraken


  1. Buckbeak Riders Quidditch Team

Czech Republic

  1. Brno Banshees
  2. Prague Pegasus
  3. Phoenixes Pilsen


  1. Black Snitches Lille
  2. Les Harfangs d’Angers


  1. Darmstadt Athenas
  2. Münster Marauders
  3. Cologne Cannons


  1. Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club
  2. Hinkypunks Bologna Quidditch


  1. Warsaw Mermaids
  2. SkyWeavers Łódź


  1. Aemona Argonauts


  1. Sevilla Warriors QT


  1. Basel Basilisks
  2. Berner Boggarts
  3. Turicum Thunderbirds

The Netherlands

  1. Twentse Thestrals
  2. Rotterdam Ravens

United Kingdom

  1. Warwick Quidditch Club
  2. Manchester Minotaurs

Phase 1 – Group Stage

The first phase is a regular group round-robin, in which teams play against the other teams in their group.

Group Draw

You could have followed the group stage draw live on Sunday April 2nd, 2023.

  • There will be 6 groups. Each group will have 4 teams.
  • No two teams from the same NGB will be in the same group.
    • If a team is drawn to a group where there is already a team from the same NGB, the team will be assigned to the next applicable group.
  • There will be 1 team from Pot 1. 1 team from Pot 2. And 2 teams from Pot 3.
  • The pots are based on the previous ranking of EQC2022 Division 1 and Division 2, as well as the national seeds (see above)
Pot 1Pot 2Pot 3Pot 3
Vienna Vanguards
(Austria 1)
Brno Banshees
(Czech Republic 1)
(Austria 2)
Rotterdam Ravens
(Netherlands 2)
Black Snitches Lille
(France 1)
Hinkypunks Bologna Quidditch
(Italy 2)
Buckbeak Riders Quidditch Team
(Catalonia 1)
SkyWeavers Łódź
(Poland 2)
Darmstadt Athenas
(Germany 1)
Twentse Thestrals
(Netherlands 1)
Prague Pegasus
(Czech Republic 2)
Berner Boggarts
(Switzerland 2)
Münster Marauders
(Germany 2)
Warsaw Mermaids
(Poland 1)
Phoenixes Pilsen
(Czech Republic 3)
Turicum Thunderbirds
(Switzerland 3)
Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club
(Italy 1)
Aemona Argonauts
(Slovenia 1)
Harfangs Angers Quidditch
(France 2)
Warwick Quidditch Club
(UK 1)
Sevilla Warriors QT
(Spain 1)
Basel Basilisks
(Switzerland 1)
Cologne Cannons
(Germany 3)
Manchester Minotaurs
(UK 2)


Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup F
Basel BasilisksPrague PegasusAemona ArgonautsBombarda BrixiaVienna VanguardsMünster Marauders
Darmstadt AthenasSevilla WarriorsBuckbeak RidersHarfangs AngersManchester MinotaursBerner Boggarts
Phoenixes PilsenTuricum ThunderbirdsRotterdam RavensWarsaw MermaidsBrno BansheesHinkypunks Bologna
SteelkrakenTwentse ThestralsLille Black SnitchesWarwick QCCologne CannonsSkyWeavers Łódź


TimePitchTeam ATeam BGame Time
9:001Steelkraken50*10Phoenixes Pilsen00:24:29
2Darmstadt Athenas240*10Basel Basilisks00:20:29
3Lille Black Snitches7090*Rotterdam Ravens00:24:27
4Aemona Argonauts100110*Buckbeak Riders QT00:24:19
5Twentse Thestrals110*100Prague Pegasus00:20:25
6Sevilla Warriors QT20030*Turicum Thunderbirds00:22:11
10:001Brno Banshees60130*Cologne Cannons00:21:54
2Vienna Vanguards160*10Manchester Minotaurs00:24:39
3Warsaw Mermaids120*30Warwick QC00:20:09
4Bombarda Brixia QC130*40Les Harfangs d’Angers00:20:54
5SkyWeavers Łódź120190*Hinkypunks Bologna00:36:17
6Münster Marauders210*190Berner Boggarts00:23:21
11:001Twentse Thestrals150*10Turicum Thunderbirds00:21:26
2Sevilla Warriors QT130*30Prague Pegasus00:22:18
3Darmstadt Athenas180*0Phoenixes Pilsen00:20:41
4Basel Basilisks100120*Steelkraken00:26:06
5Lille Black Snitches110*170Aemona Argonauts00:27:31
6Buckbeak Riders QT10060*Rotterdam Ravens00:26:10
12:001Berner Boggarts30150*SkyWeavers Łódź00:23:16
2Münster Marauders110*50Hinkypunks Bologna00:20:22
3Brno Banshees14060*Manchester Minotaurs00:22:29
4Vienna Vanguards170*70Cologne Cannons00:23:29
5Bombarda Brixia QC140*80Warsaw Mermaids00:20:15
6Les Harfangs d’Angers130*60Warwick QC00:20:14
13:001Lille Black Snitches200*210Buckbeak Riders QT00:38:59
2Aemona Argonauts160*90Rotterdam Ravens00:25:34
3Prague Pegasus16080*Turicum Thunderbirds00:26:17
4Sevilla Warriors QT170*20Twentse Thestrals00:20:20
5Basel Basilisks160*90Phoenixes Pilsen00:30:22
6Darmstadt Athenas18040Steelkraken00:25:27
14:001Warsaw Mermaids140120*Les Harfangs d’Angers00:32:49
2Bombarda Brixia QC110150*Warwick QC00:25:19
3Hinkypunks Bologna180*40Berner Boggarts00:27:11
4Münster Marauders120*20SkyWeavers Łódź00:20:11
5Vienna Vanguards150*70Brno Banshees00:22:26
6Manchester Minotaurs70170*Cologne Cannons00:35:31


The following criteria will be used to determine a team’s ranking in the group stage:

  1. Number of matches won (W)
  2. Head-to-head
  3. Number of games won out of range. (WoS)
  4. Total Point Difference, capped at 90 (including flag catches) (cPD)
  5. Total seeker floor difference, uncapped (SFD)
    • = point difference at the end of the seeker floor (20 minutes game time)
  6. Coin Toss

Group A

1Darmstadt Athenas303270470
3Basel Basilisks121-40-210
4Phoenixes Pilsen030-200-160

Group B

1Sevilla Warriors303270320
2Twentse Thestrals21110-10
3Prague Pegasus121-200
4Turicum Thunderbirds030-250-310

Group C

1Buckbeak Riders QT301600
2Aemona Argonauts212120110
3Rotterdam Ravens120-90-40
4Lille Black Snitches030-90-70

Group D

1Bombarda Brixia QC21211080
2Warsaw Mermaids2115080
3Les Harfangs d’Angers121-40-60
4Warwick QC121-120-100

Group E

1Vienna Vanguards303260200
2Cologne Cannons2127070
3Brno Banshees121-7050
4Manchester Minotaurs030-260-320

Group F

1Münster Marauders302170140
2Hinkypunks Bologna21210040
3SkyWeavers Łódź121-70-10
4Berner Boggarts030-200-170

Phase 2 – Flight Stage

Phase 2 determines the placement of the teams in the bracket.

Each team is going into flights based on their ranking within their group in Phase 1.

Top FlightUpper Middle FlightLower Middle FlightBottom Flight
Darmstadt Athenas (A1)Aemona Argonauts (A2)Prague Pegasus (A3)Warwick QC (A4)
Sevilla Warriors QT (B1)Hinkypunks Bologna (B2)Les Harfangs d’Angers (B3)Lille Black Snitches (B4)
Vienna Vanguards (C1)Cologne Cannons (C2)Basel Basilisks (C3)Phoenixes Pilsen (C4)
Münster Marauders (D1)Warsaw Mermaids (D2)Brno Banshees (D3)Berner Boggarts (D4)
Buckbeak Riders QT (E1)Twentse Thestrals (E2)SkyWeavers Łódź (E3)Turicum Thunderbirds (E4)
Bombarda Brixia QC (F1)Steelkraken (F2)Rotterdam Ravens (F3)Manchester Minotaurs (F4)

Ranking Before

Top Flight

1Darmstadt Athenas303270470
2Sevilla Warriors QT303270320
3Vienna Vanguards303260200
4Münster Marauders302170140
5Buckbeak Riders QT301600
6Bombarda Brixia QC21211080

Upper Middle Flight

1Aemona Argonauts212120110
2Hinkypunks Bologna21210040
3Cologne Cannons2127070
4Warsaw Mermaids2115080
5Twentse Thestrals21110-10

Lower Middle Flight

1Prague Pegasus121-200
2Les Harfangs d’Angers121-40-60
3Basel Basilisks121-40-210
4Brno Banshees121-7050
5SkyWeavers Łódź121-70-10
6Rotterdam Ravens120-90-40

Bottom Flight

1Warwick QC121-120-100
2Lille Black Snitches030-90-70
3Phoenixes Pilsen030-200-160
4Berner Boggarts030-200-170
5Turicum Thunderbirds030-260-310
6Manchester Minotaurs030-260-320

Each team plays 2 rounds, based on ranking within their flight. The games play out as follows:

Games Round 1

Game 1: #1 vs #2
Game 2: #3 vs #4
Game 3: #5 vs #6

Ranking after Round 1

#1 Winner Game 1
#2 Winner Game 2
#3 Winner Game 3
#4 Loser Game 1
#5 Loser Game 2
#6 Loser Game 3

Games Round 2

Game 4: W1 vs W2
Game 5: W3 vs L1
Game 6: L2 vs L3

Ranking after Round 2

#1 Winner Game 4
#2 Loser Game 4 or Winner Game 5*
#3 Loser Game 4 or Winner Game 5*
#4 Loser Game 5 or Winner Game 6*
#5 Loser Game 5 or Winner Game 6*
#6 Loser Game 6


Day 1

TimePitchFlightTeam ATeam BGame Time
15:301TDarmstadt Athenas6090*Sevilla Warriors QT00:20:13
2TVienna Vanguards60100*Münster Marauders00:21:56
3TBuckbeak Riders QT60*100Bombarda Brixia QC00:21:03
4UMAemona Argonauts11060Hinkypunks Bologna00:20:46
5UMCologne Cannons130120*Warsaw Mermaids00:25:32
6UMTwentse Thestrals120*60Steelkraken00:24:52
16:301LMPrague Pegasus120130*Les Harfangs d’Angers00:23:07
2LMBasel Basilisks60190*Brno Banshees00:25:04
3LMSkyWeavers Łódź110130*Rotterdam Ravens00:29:56
4BWarwick QC80130*Lille Black Snitches00:21:21
5BPhoenixes Pilsen20140*Berner Boggarts00:20:22
6BTuricum Thunderbirds130*100Manchester Minotaurs00:24:32

Day 2

TimePitchFlightTeam ATeam BGame Time
8:301LMBasel Basilisks50200*SkyWeavers Łódź00:35:30
2LMRotterdam Ravens50100*Prague Pegasus00:20:33
3LMLes Harfangs d’Angers110120*Brno Banshees00:20:24
4UMWarsaw Mermaids170*20Steelkraken00:20:15
5UMTwentse Thestrals100*70Hinkypunks Bologna00:20:47
6UMAemona Argonauts150*160Cologne Cannons00:30:24
9:301BPhoenixes Pilsen100*90Manchester Minotaurs00:26:56
2BLille Black Snitches90*60Berner Boggarts00:20:57
3BTuricum Thunderbirds60*150Warwick QC00:32:48
4TSevilla Warriors QT10050*Münster Marauders00:22:29
5TBombarda Brixia QC80140*Darmstadt Athenas00:23:47
6TVienna Vanguards100*40Buckbeak Riders QT00:22:55

Rankings After

The following criteria will be used to determine a team’s ranking in the flight phase:

  1. Number of matches won
  2. Strength of Schedule
    • Game i > game k, for i < k within each round
    • i.e. Game 1 > Game 2 > Game 3; Game 4 > Game 5 > Game 6
  3. Number of games won out of snitch range.
  4. Total Point Difference, capped at 90 (including snitch catches)
  5. Total seeker floor difference, uncapped
    • = point difference at the end of the seeker floor (20 minutes game time)
  6. Coin Toss

Top Flight

1Sevilla Warriors QT2018050
2Münster Marauders111-10-40
3Darmstadt Athenas1113020
4Bombarda Brixia QC111-20-60
5Vienna Vanguards1112030
6Buckbeak Riders QT020-1000

Upper Middle Flight

1Cologne Cannons2002090
2Twentse Thestrals2019010
3Aemona Argonauts11140-30
4Warsaw Mermaids1118080
5Hinkypunks Bologna020-80-10

Lower Middle Flight

1Brno Banshees20110050
2Les Harfangs d’Angers11000
3Prague Pegasus1114070
4Rotterdam Ravens110-30-40
5SkyWeavers Łódź1117080
6Basel Basilisks020-180-160

Bottom Flight

1Lille Black Snitches2018040
2Berner Boggarts1116080
3Warwick QC1114040
4Turicum Thunderbirds110-60-70
5Phoenixes Pilsen110-80-100
6Manchester Minotaurs020-4010

Phase 3 – Bracket Stage

There will be 3 separate brackets of 8 teams each:

  • Upper Bracket
    • All 6 teams of the Top Flight will automatically proceed into the Upper Bracket
    • The top 2 teams of the Upper Middle Flight will proceed into the Upper Bracket
  • Middle Bracket
    • The bottom 4 teams of Upper Middle Flight will proceed into the Middle Bracket
    • The top 4 teams of the Lower Middle Flight will proceed into the Middle Bracket
  • Lower Bracket
    • The bottom 2 teams of the Lower Middle Flight will proceed into the Lower Bracket
    • All 6 teams from the Bottom Flight will proceed into the Lower Bracket

Upper Bracket – Road to Championship

QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Sevilla Warriors QT160*
Twentse Thestrals10
Sevilla Warriors QT100*
Vienna Vanguards60
Bombarda Brixia QC100
Vienna Vanguards150*
Sevilla Warriors QT160*
Münster Marauders90
Vienna Vanguards110*
Darmstadt Athenas160*Darmstadt Athenas40
Buckbeak Riders QT70
Darmstadt Athenas90
Münster Marauders120*
Münster Marauders130*
Cologne Cannons50

Upper Bracket – 5-8th Place Play-Off

Twentse Thestrals60
Bombarda Brixia QC150*
Bombarda Brixia QC170*
Cologne Cannons80
Twentse Thestrals90*
Buckbeak Riders QT120
Buckbeak Riders QT50
Cologne Cannons70*

Middle Bracket

Aemona Argonauts130*
Rotterdam Ravens70
Aemona Argonauts140
Brno Banshees70*
Brno Banshees210*
Aemona Argonauts60
Hinkypunks Bologna150*
Brno BansheesFF
Hinkypunks Bologna150*Prague PegasusFF
Les Harfangs d’Angers30
Hinkypunks Bologna100
Prague Pegasus50*
Warsaw Mermaids80
Prague Pegasus110*

Middle Bracket – 13-16th Place Play-Off

Rotterdam Ravens140
Rotterdam Ravens120
Warsaw Mermaids170*
Les Harfangs d’Angers170*
Les Harfangs d’Angers70
Warsaw Mermaids120*

Lower Bracket

SkyWeavers Łódź80
Manchester Minotaurs10 (C)
SkyWeavers Łódź170
Warwick QC110*
Berner Boggarts100*
Warwick QC130
SkyWeavers Łódź90*
Lille Black Snitches60
Warwick QC120
Lille Black Snitches180Phoenixes Pilsen10
Turicum Thunderbirds90*
Lille Black Snitches170
Phoenixes Pilsen40*
Basel Basilisks80
Phoenixes Pilsen100*

Lower Bracket – 21-24th Place Play-Off

Manchester Minotaurs70
Berner Boggarts200*
Berner Boggarts90*
Turicum ThunderbirdsFF
Manchester Minotaurs90*
Basel BasilisksFF
Turicum Thunderbirds90*
Basel BasilisksFF

Final Ranking

  1.  🥇 Sevilla Warriors QT
  2.  🥈 Münster Marauders
  3.  🥉 Vienna Vanguards
  4. Darmstadt Athenas
  5. Bombarda Brixia QC
  6. Cologne Cannons
  7. Buckbeak Riders QT
  8. Twentse Thestrals
  9. Hinkypunks Bologna
  10. Aemona Argonauts
  11. =
  12. Brno Banshees
    Prague Pegasus
  13. Warsaw Mermaids
  14. Rotterdam Ravens
  15. Les Harfans d’Angers
  16. Steelkraken
  17. SkyWeavers Łódź
  18. Lille Black Snitches
  19. Warwick QC
  20. Phoenixes Pilsen
  21. Berner Boggarts
  22. Turicum Thunderbirds
  23. Manchester Minotaurs
  24. Basel Basilisks