European Quidditch Cup 2015

Participating Teams & NGBs

QuidditchUK (United Kingdom)

  • Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras
  • Southampton QC
  • Loughborough Longshots
  • Durhamstrang
  • Oxford Quidlings
  • London Unspeakables
  • Keele Squirrels
  • Nottingham Nightmares
  • Falmouth Falcons
  • Leicester Thestrals

Deutscher Quidditchbund (Germany)

  • Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt
  • Black Forest Bowtruckles
  • Three River Dragons Passau

Quidditch Derneği (Turkey)

  • METU Unicorns

Quidditch Nederland (The Netherlands)

  • North Sea Nargles
  • Wageningen Werewolves

Poslka Liga Quidditcha (Poland)

  • Quidditch Hussars

Féderation du Quidditch Français (France)

  • Paris Frog
  • Titans Paris
  • Crookshanks Lyon
  • Nantes Quidditch
  • Lille Black Snitches

Belgian Quidditch Federation (Belgium)

  • Brussels Qwaffles
  • Deurne Dodos
  • Ghent Gargoyles

Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy)

  • Lunatica QC
  • Milano Meneghins
  • Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino

Norges Rumpeldunkforbund (Norway)

  • NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  • UiO Quidditch

Associació de Quidditch de Catalunya (Catalonia)

  • Barcelona Eagles

Quidditch Austria (Austria)

  • Vienna Vanguards

Group Stage


Team ATeam B
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras20030North Sea Nargles
Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt50*120Keele Squirrels
London Unspeakables20130*Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
Brussels Qwaffles160110*Nantes Quidditch
UiO Quidditch140*20Wageningen Werewolves
Black Forest Bowtruckles0140*Falmouth Falcons
Nottingham Nightmares15070*Lunatica QC
Vienna Vanguards0130*Crookshanks Lyon
NTNUI Rumeldunk110*30Durhamstrang
Three River Dragons Passau0150*Southampton QC
Ghent Gargoyles60140*Milano Meneghins
METU Unicorns50100*Titans Paris
Quidditch Hussars20150*Oxford Quidlings
Barcelona Eagles90120*Loughborough Longshots
Deurne Dodos80*°100°°Paris Frog
Leicester Thestrals110°°140**Lille Black Snitches
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras110*40Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt50110*Nantes Quidditch
North Sea Nargles0180*London Unspeakables
Keele Squirrels120°°100*°Brussels Qwaffles
UiO Quidditch180*90Lunatica QC
Black Forest Bowtruckles10180*Crookshanks Lyon
Wageningen Werewolves20160*Nottingham Nightmares
Falmouth Falcons17040*Vienna Vanguards
NTNUI Rumpeldunk160*40Milano Meneghins
Three River Dragons Passau10160*Titans Paris
Durhamstrang130*20Ghent Gargoyles
Southampton QC180*70METU Unicorns
Quidditch Hussars10200*Paris Frog
Barcelona Eagles80110*Lille Black Snitches
Oxford Quidlings30180*Deurne Dodos
Loughborough Longshots3090Leicester Thestrals
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras180*10London Unspeakables
Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt30110*Brussels Qwaffles
North Sea Nargles20170*Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
Keele Squirrels9050*Nantes Quidditch
UiO Quidditch90*40Nottingham Nightmares
Black Forest Bowtruckles70*90Vienna Vanguards
Wageningen Werewolves40*90Lunatica QC
Falmouth Falcons7090*Crookshanks Lyon
NTNUI Rumpeldunk180*30Ghent Gargoyles
Three River Dragons Passau80*100METU Unicorns
Durhamstrang120*80Milano Meneghins
Southampton QC60170*Titans Paris
Quidditch Hussars30*190Deurne Dodos
Barcelona Eagles120*50Leicester Thestrals
Oxford Quidlings80200*Paris Frog
Loughborough Longshots8070*Lille Black Snitches
* denotes a snitch catch by that team in regular time.
° on either side denotes the game went to overtime
A second * denotes a snitch catch by that team in overtime.


# = Position / Rank
W = Wins
L = Losses
WoS = Snitches Caught to win the game on Snitch Catch
QPD = Quaffle Point Differential

Group A

1Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras300280
2Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino210150
3London Unspeakables120-100
4North Sea Nargles03-3600

Group B

1UiO Quidditch301180
2Nottingham Nightmars210200
3Lunatica QC100-90
4Wageningen Werewolves030-280

Group C

1NTNUI Rumpeldunk300260
3Milano Meneghins120-50
4Ghent Gargoyles030-250

Group D

1Paris Frog300230
2Deurne Dodos210220
3Oxford Quidlings120-110
4Quidditch Hussars030-340

Group E

1Keele Squirrels300220
2Brussels Qwaffles21180
3Nantes Quidditch121-120
4Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt030-180

Group F

1Crookshanks Lyon301210
2Falmouth Falcons210240
3Vienna Vanguards120-170
4Black Forest Bowtruckles030280

Group G

1Titans Paris301220
2Southampton QC210120
3METU Unicorns120-50
4Three River Dragons Passau030-290

Group H

1Loughborough Longshots21110
2Lille Black Snitches212-70
3Barcelona Eagles12040
4Leicester Thestrals12120

Ranking for Bracket

Top 8 of each “side” qualifies for Division 1 (Upper Bracket).
Bottom 8 of each “side” qualifies for Division 2 (Lower Bracket).

Group A-D

1Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras300280
2NTNUI Rumpeldunk301260
3Paris Frog300230
4UiO Quidditch300180
5Deurne Dodos210220
6Notthingham Nightmares210200
7Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino210150
9Milano Meneghins120-50
10Lunatica QC120-90
11London Unspeakables120-100
12Oxford Quidlings120-110
13Ghent Gargoyles030-250
14Wageningen Werewolves030-280
15Quidditch Hussars030-340
16North Sea Nargles030-360

Group E-H

1Titans Paris301280
2Keele Squirrels300220
3Crookshanks Lyon301210
4Loughborough Longshots21110
5Falmouth Falcons210240
6Southampton QC210120
7Brussels Qwaffles211150
8Lille Black Snitches212-70
9Barcelona Eagles12040
10Leicester Thestrals12120
11METU Unicorns120-100
12Nantes Quidditch121-120
13Vienna Vanguards120-170
14Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt030-280
15Black Forest Bowtruckles030-280
16Three River Dragons Passau030-360


Division 1 – Road to Championship

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsMedal Matches
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras (AD1)140*
Lille Black Snitches (EH8)10
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras100*
Deurne Dodos40
Deurne Dodos (AD5)140*
Loughborough Longshots (EH4)40
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras90*
Southampton QC0
Keele Squirrels (EH2)90*
Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino (AD7)70
Keele Squirrels50
Southampton QC110*
Southampton QC (EH6)120*
Paris Frog (AD3)30
Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras80
Titans Paris150*
Titans Paris (EH1)220*
Durhamstrang (AD8) 40Southampton QCFF
Titans Paris150*Nottingham NightmaresFF
UiO Quidditch40
Falmouth Falcons (EH5)90
UiO Quidditch (AD4)180*
Titans Paris150*
Nottingham Nightmares60
NTNUI Rumpeldunk (AD2)180*
Brussels Qwaffles (EH7)20
NTNUI Rumpeldunk60
Nottingham Nightmares80*
Nottingham Nightmares (AD6)140*
Crookshanks Lyon (EH3)90

Division 2

Round of 16QuarterfinalsSemifinalsFinals
Barcelona Eagles (EH9)140*
North Sea Nargles (AD16)20
Barcelona Eagles80
Oxford Quidlings110*
Vienna Vanguards (EH13)140*
Oxford Quidlings (AD12)40
Oxford Quidlings80*°
METU Unicorns90
Lunatica QC (AD10)130*
Black Forest Bowtruckles (EH15)30
Lunatica QC30
METU Unicorns150*
Wageningen Werewolves (AD14)50*
METU Unicorns (EH11)160
METU Unicorns30
Leicester Thestrals60*
Milano Meneghins (AD9)90
Three River Dragons Passau (EH16)110*Oxford Quidlings20
Three River Dragons Passau50Nantes Quidditch70*
Nantes Quidditch120*
Ghent Gargoyles (AD13)60
Nantes Quidditch (EH12)160*
Nantes Quidditch20
Leicester Thestrals130*
Leicester Thestrals (EH10)210*
Quidditch Hussars (AD15)50
Leicester Thestrals80*
Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt40
Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt (EH14)130*
London Unspeakables (AD11)50

Final Ranking

The ranking is based on the bracket. For those eliminated early, the total wins, losses and QPD and when they were eliminated were compared.

  1. 🥇 Titans Paris
  2. 🥈 Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras
  3. 🥉 {
    • Werewolves of London
    • Nottingham Nightmares
  4. }
  5. NTNUI Rumpeldunk
  6. Deurne Dodos
  7. Keele Squirrels
  8. UiO Quidditch
  9. Green-Tauros Quidditch Torino
  10. Crookshanks Lyon
  11. Paris Frog
  12. Falmouth Falcons
  13. Loughborough Longshots
  14. Lille Black Snitches
  15. Brussels Qwaffles
  16. Durhamstrang
  17. Leicester Thestrals
  18. METU Unicorns
  19. Nantes Quidditch
  20. Oxford Quidlings
  21. Barcelona Eagles
  22. Unisport-Zentrum Darmstadt
  23. Three River Dragons Passau
  24. Lunatica QC
  25. Milano Meneghins
  26. Vienna Vanguards
  27. London Unspeakables
  28. Ghent Gargoyles
  29. Black Forest Bowtruckles
  30. North Sea Nargles
  31. Quidditch Hussars
  32. Wageningen Werewolves