EQC2023 D1 – General Info

The Venue

EQC2023 Division 1 will be played on the combined facilities of the Fritz-Grunebaum-Sportpark, Heidelberg Ruderklub 1872 e.V. & Heidelberger Sportclub e.V.

If you’re looking for the venue online and/or on your GPS, you can enter:
Harbigweg 14-18, 69124 Heidelberg

Getting to the venue

By Car

Please keep in mind that parking will not be possible right at the venue, but there are parking spots at 6 minutes walking distance: Parkplatz HD, Harbigweg 3, 69124 Heidelberg

By Public Transit

By public transport, the venue is easily accessible via 2 stops in the immediate vicinity with line 33 (bus in the direction of Emmertsgrund, stop Harbigweg) or line 26 (tram in the direction of Kirchheim, stop Messplatz).

Both lines run via Heidelberg main station but at different stop locations. More details below.

You can also use the navigation feature of Google Maps to get the best route via public transport and the next departures. The app is quite reliable. Just make sure to be there a few minutes before the scheduled departure, sometimes the bus/tram leaves 1-2 minutes before the scheduled time.

Line 33

For line 33 from Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof to Harbigweg (direction: Emmertsgrund):

Use the northern exit at the main station and keep to the right. The bus stop is behind the tourist information (a small hexagonal building).

The bus line 33 frequents as follows: 

Fridayfrom 5 am to 9 pm Every 20 minutes
after 9 pm Every 30 minutes
Saturdayfrom 6 am to 9 amEvery 30 minutes
from 6 am to 8 pmEvery 20 minutes
after 8 pmEvery 30 minutes
Sundayall day from 7 amEvery 30 minutes

You can find the exact departure schedule here.

Line 26

For line 26 from Heidelberg Hauptbahnhof to Messplatz (direction: Kirchheim):

Use the southern exit of the main station. There is a construction site that might confuse you, but there is a way through. Go down the stairs and follow the path until you reach a large intersection. You can see the tram station on your right.

The tram runs much more frequently than the bus. 

Fridayfrom 6 am to 8:30 pmEvery 10 minutes
after 8:30 pmEvery 20 minutes
Saturday05:00 – 08:00Every 30 minutes
09:00 – 20:30Every 10 minutes
20:30 – 23:00Every 20 minutes
23:00 – 00:30Every 30 minutes
Sunday06:00 – 11:00Every 30 minutes
11:00 – 23:00Every 20 minutes
23:00 – 00:30Every 30 minutes

You can see the exact schedule here.

In addition, you can find the network map of the Heidelberg public transport system here.


The venue combines natural grass and artificial grass pitches, including 2 grandstands able to host 1100 people in total. It is the home ground of the RG Heidelberg, currently playing in the Rugby-Bundesliga, and also frequently used for international games of the Germany national rugby union team.

There will be 2 quadball/quidditch pitches on state-of-the-art artificial grass. All other pitches will be on natural grass. 

Please keep in mind that no iron studs may be used on the artificial grass! 

Teams will also have access to shared changing rooms, making it possible to shower when wanted. 


Spending The Night

Need to spend the night in Heidelberg? You can find all your options on the Tourism site of Heidelberg (Spend the night).

Camping On Site

Travelling on a budget? No worries, we have you covered. We can offer a camping on site.

For the whole weekend, anyone can book a camping space. Be quick, cause space is limited.

PriceTent Size
€151-3 people
€304-6 people
€606-12 people
No vehicles will be allowed on site. Only tents.

Interested? Contact d1.camping@quidditcheurope.org.

How to get to/around Heidelberg?

Getting To

You can find all the information on the Tourism site of Heidelberg (How to get to).

Getting Around

You can find all information on the Tourism site of Heidelberg (Getting Around).

Public Transit Tickets

There are a variety of public transportation tickets that you can use during your stay. Within the city of Heidelberg there is a uniform city tariff, without different zones that have to be observed. 

You can buy tickets online, at the ticket machine on site or directly from the bus driver. An easy way is via DB Navigator app of Deutsche Bahn, which is available in German and English (https://www.bahn.com/en/booking-information/db-navigator-app).

Single Tickets

To buy a single trip ticket (3 €), open Navigator App and choose:

Transport associations (from the menu on the left) → Rhein-Neckar → Select ticket → Single Tickets: Einzel-Ticket

Fill in as follows:

  • Point of departure: Hauptbahnhof, Heidelberg (for the main train station)
  • Scope: Heidelberg (HD)

The price is 3 €. Tap on “Next” and enter your personal information (for the ticket holder) and your payment info before tapping on “Buy now”.

Group Tickets

The cheapest way is to buy a day ticket for groups of five (16 €). In the Navigator App choose:

Transport associations (from the menu on the left) → Rhein-Neckar → Select ticket → Day Tickets: Tages-Ticket Gruppe

Fill in as follows:

  • Point of departure: Hauptbahnhof, Heidelberg (for the main train station)
  • Scope: Heidelberg (HD)

The price is 16 €. Tap on “Next” and enter your personal information (for the ticket holder) and your payment info before tapping on “Buy now”.

The day ticket is also available for individuals (Day Ticket: Tages-Ticket) or groups of two (Day Ticket: Tages-Ticket Familie).


The Deutschland-Ticket (49 €, nation-wide ticket for all local and regional transportation) could also be a good alternative for people flying to the airport of Frankfurt or Stuttgart, as they could also use it to travel to Heidelberg from the airport. It allows the usage of all local and regional public transportation (buses, trams, regional trains, subway, etc.) across Germany for a whole month. The ticket is 49,00 € per month. Unfortunately, the Deutschland-Ticket is only sold as a subscription (without minimum duration). If you want to use it, you can buy it from now on for the month of May, but you have to cancel the subscription by May 10, so it won’t be renewed for another month. 

You can buy the ticket via the DB Navigator app. You can find it directly on the start page by scrolling down. You can easily cancel the ticket online (DB Navigator App → Menu → Cancel contract).

Team Requirements

Officials Quota

To guarantee all games are fairly regulated, every game needs its officials. We also want to make sure each team is aware of all current rules. 

This is why we require teams to provide officials and have them be certified. 

For each team, we require the following amount of official types to sign up.


  • 1 Head Referee
  • 2 Assistant Referees
  • 1 Flag Referee
  • 1 Flag Runner


  • 3 Assistant Referees
  • 2 Flag Referees
  • 1 Flag Runner

Flag Runners must also be certified Flag Referees. 

You can get certified through the IQA: https://iqareferees.org/

You can sign up as an official for the event through this form

If a team fails to reach this quota, the captain of that team will receive a yellow card at the start of every game at the event. The team will also not be eligible to be in contention for the Fair Play Award.

Pitch Volunteering

Every team will also need to deliver a timekeeper and a scorekeeper in certain games throughout the tournament. 

After each game a team played, 2 people from that team will need to report to the pitch manager of that pitch. This person will either receive the time-, scorekeeper or goal judge job.

These people do not have to sign up separately as a volunteer.

For the first time slot of each day, the organisation will specifically schedule which team must deliver their volunteer.

If a team fails to leave 2 volunteers behind, the captain of that team will receive a yellow card at the start of the next game at the event. The team will also not be eligible any longer to be in contention for the Fair Play Award.

Livestream Volunteering

We all love a good livestream, or being able to watch the games later when returning home. To make sure everything goes smoothly, we also ask teams to provide minimum 2 volunteers to the livestream team. 

You can sign up as a volunteer through this form

If the team fails to sign up 2 volunteers to the livestream team, the team will not be in contention for the Fair Play Award. 



You can find the full gameplay format here.

Group Draw

The Group Draw will take place on April 2nd, 2023, starting from 8PM (CEST). This will be broadcasted live on our YouTube channel.

Rulebook & Policies

The tournament will be played with the IQA Rulebook 2022

Other tournament policies can be found here.

Roster Submission

Teams have received the roster template by email.

Please fill in accordingly and send the roster to your National Governing Body to have it verified.
Make sure to send it to the right instance before 1st of May 2023. 

Your NGB will verify and send it to us after.
The NGB must submit the final roster before 7th of May 2023.  

Your team is allowed:

  • A total set of up to 21 players.
    • There will be no reserves.
  • Up to 3 additional people serving as team staff (optional)
  • Each player on the roster is allowed a maximum of 1 jersey number.
    • Players can have multiple jerseys and alternative-coloured jerseys, but they all must have the same number on the back.
    • No two players on the roster must have the same number.

Please remember that this year all international eligibility policies apply! Players and Staff Members MUST be at least 16 years old at the start of the event (Saturday, May 13th, 2023). Any person younger than 16 years old will be denied at check-in!

All members on the roster (playing or non-playing) can contribute to the officials- and/or volunteer quota. 

Player Check-In

The check-in for all your players and staffers will take place on Friday, May 12th, 2023.

Check in will take place at the following location:

Heidelberg Ruderklub 1872 e.V., Harbigweg 14, 69124 Heidelberg, Germany

Check in will be open:

  • From 4PM to 7PM
  • From 8PM to Midnight

All times in CEST.

If any person is still waiting in queue when reaching midnight, we will still check in that person.

If you find yourself in the situation, where a check-in on Friday will not be possible, please let us know in advance. This includes delays in your travels. We can then try to keep check in open for longer or find an alternative solution for you!

Teams should email: d1.general@quidditcheurope.org.

In order to have check in be as quick and efficient as possible, your players will have to bring the following items with them and the following rules apply:

  • Every player and team staff member must show ID to confirm identity and date of birth
  • Every player must show ALL jerseys they intend on wearing during any games at the event to confirm numbers with the submitted roster.
    • Last-minute changes in jersey numbers are possible, however restrictions apply!
  • Team Staff do not need to show jersey(s) at check in.
    • If they want to wear a team jersey during a game (i.e. while inside the player area) they MUST show all jerseys and the same restrictions on jersey numbers as for players apply.
  • Team Staff will be given a dedicated “jersey” number at check-in for purposes of penalties during games.
    • They will be informed about all details during check in.
  • Any player that fails to show either ID or jersey(s) will be denied and they cannot check in until all required items are shown.
  • Any team staff member who does not or fails to show their jersey(s) will not be allowed to wear any team jersey(s) while inside the player area.

Please make sure that all your players are informed about these rules and that they bring all required items when checking in!

Any person found to participate at the event, who has not officially checked in, will be disqualified from the event!

Awards Ceremony & After Party

Every team member is invited to the exclusive EQC2023 Division 1 Awards Ceremony & After Party!

We would like to invite you to Saal 02 at Güterbahnhof (Zollhofgarten 2, 69115 Heidelberg) on Sunday 14 May 2023, starting from 9PM (CEST).

All people coming in (between 9PM and 9.30PM) will receive 1 free drink (either alcoholic or non-alcoholic). 

If you are bringing any fans with you who’d love to be present at the same after party, they can buy an extra ticket at the merchandise booth for €8. Please be aware that tickets are limited.

From 9.30PM, the Awards Ceremony will start, where we will be handing out the medals to all members of the top 3, but also the Fair Play Award, and the Committee Awards. Make sure to attend and don’t miss anything, because you might as well win an award! 

After the Award Ceremony, the volume of the music will get louder and it’ll be time to get loose! The party will go on until 4AM the next day!

Not interested in dancing all night? No worries! We have plenty of other activities to do! (Beer Pong, Cornhole, Photo Booth, … ). Make it a night you won’t forget… or, if you drink too much, won’t remember!