Changes to the Sign-Up Policy for EQC

Quidditch Europe has been thinking of ways to make the next EQCs organizing more efficient and stress-free for the committees, and based on the previous experiences with the organization of the EQCs, we have decided to push the teams’ sign-up for both divisions back from February 15th to January 1st, to give the EQC committees more time to efficiently organize the tournaments.

That means that all of the NGBs that wish to attend either division of the EQC 2021 need to have their qualifiers (or equivalent) by the end of 2020 for the next season (and so on for the following ones), providing the EQC committee(s) and the QE board with the relevant information regarding qualified team(s) name(s), seeding(s), and ranking(s).

Some of the ways where the change will be beneficial are consistent payment deadlines, merchandise, publicity, design, and overall, it is a way to give the committee more time with the necessary information to help them organize great tournaments with as little stress as possible.

We acknowledge that some NGBs are going to have a tougher time adjusting to the new policy than the others. We thank everyone for the discussions so far, and emphasize that while this change might be inconvenient for some, we hope that we can unite behind the common goal of having as good EQCs as possible. We firmly believe the new policy is a step in this direction. Because it’s important in order to see the results of the policy for everyone to abide by it, the penalty for not doing so will be the forfeit of that NGB’s spots. We greatly thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.