EQC2020 D1 COVID-19 Update

Hello everyone!

Time for another statement.

The past few days have been a very crucial time for Europe. Many countries have shut their schools, cancelled events and other things. The same thing has happened in Belgium.

Belgium has banned sports competitions up to 3rd of April. Since EQC D1 is in May, and not even close to the 3rd of April, this should not cause any worry for us. However, seeing what happened the past few weeks, we did get worried.

We reached out to the Ministery of Sport and they couldn’t tell us anything. They told us that they cannot give us any advise on what to do right now as their guidelines are only until March 31st. This means that have our hands tied until that date, or until the government (or other government) announce new further measures.

However! This doesn’t mean we as committee are sitting still. Since so many events across the globe are being postponed, we are working to get the plans ready. So, in case if a postponement has to be called, we will be able to quickly respond to the situation and take the correct measures.

Concretely this means that we cannot give you any answer to the situation right now. We cannot even give you our thoughts about the situation, because the Belgian government, nor Belgian specialists could give us an answer about what we should be doing with European Quidditch Cup D1.

We want to inform you that we are following the situation every moment of the day and we will keep you in the loop. When we have more information, teams will be invited to discuss the matters at hand.

I want to repeat: We do not know anything yet. No one does.

Thank you for reading and as always, if you have some questions, you can send them to us.