EQC2020 D1 Postponement

To our wonderful community:

After meetings over the past few days, we have been forced to make another difficult decision. Due to the current situation brought upon the world and the impact that this coronavirus has on the availability of the committee, teams, their players and volunteers, it has been decided to postpone the European Quidditch Cup 2020 Division 1.

Currently measures are being taken in Belgium to battle the CoVid19 virus. At this moment, group activities, including sports, are banned in Belgium until April 5th. After consulting the Ministry of Sport and a health professional, we decided that we could not be certain these measures would be removed by the end of April. If we decided not to postpone the event, only to come to a conclusion way closer to the event that we have to postpone it, we would risk losing a lot of your money. And of course, the most important thing is to keep all of you safe, which is something we would be unable to guarantee.

This was a really difficult decision, but EQC VZW, Quidditch Europe and the D1 committee truly believe this is the best option for everyone’s safety and finances. This way we can keep the team fee the way it was and give everyone some certainty. all parties will strive to have the best event possible in these hard circumstances.

More information concerning date, venue and gameplay will be released to you as soon as we can. However, we wanted to already release this part of the information as we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to already receive this part of the information.