EQC2020 D2 – Emerging Areas, New Spot Allocation & Seeding

We have a few announcements for you today concerning EQC Division 2:

  • Emerging Area Spots
  • New Spot Allocation, due to Ireland and Sweden forfeiting their spots
  • New Seeding, due to the reallocation of the spots

Emerging Areas

We are pleased to announce that this year, we will see Slovakia and Slovenia compete as the Emerging Areas at EQC Division 2. We believe allocating the two EA spots to them is best for the development of European quidditch and we wish them good luck!

New Spot Allocation

Unfortunately, we have been informed that both Ireland and Sweden are forfeiting their spots as they cannot attend EQC Division 2. Therefore, these two spots have been reallocated to Austria and Czech Republic, who were the next in line for these spots.

New Seeding

Due to the forfeits of both Ireland’s and Sweden’s spots, the seeding had to be amended as both spots were seeded spots (seed 2). However, there was no one next in line for a seeded spot. Thus, the seeding system for Division 2 was revised. In the newest seeding, the spots from the NGBs that lost spots in Division 1, but gained spots in Division 2, will be seeded into seed 1. The remaining seeding is done as before, according to the ranking of last year’s EQC.