EQC2020 Postponed to 2021

Quidditch Europe, the European Quidditch Cup 2020 committees and the European Quidditch Cup vzw regret to announce the postponement of both the European Quidditch Cup 2020 Division One, and European Quidditch Cup 2020 Division Two. Both these events will be postponed to European Quidditch Cup 2021. This was not an easy decision to make, however, after consideration, we decided that this is the best way to go.

Because of the impact of this decision, we would like to shed some light on our reasoning: We were waiting for confirmation of new dates from the Division One venue before making a final decision on the events. We were informed by the venue that, if we decided to book the initially postponed date of fall 2020, we would not be able to cancel or postpone the event without complications later in the event planning stage. Currently, a lot of countries are still on lockdown, and we do not know for how long this will continue to impact the teams to start their practices and international travel without problems. This also impacted the decision to move Division Two to 2021, as this event would take place before Division One.

For Division Two, we were already in an advanced stage of planning, including having a signed contract with the venue and having paid the venue. Thus, cancelling Division Two completely would amount to a significant loss of money. Therefore, we decided that Division Two of the European Quidditch Cup 2021 will again be held in Brescia, Italy.

Taking all these factors into account, Quidditch Europe, European Quidditch Cup vzw and the committees all decided it would be best to postpone the events to next year’s edition. European Quidditch Cup 2021 Division Two will once again take place in Brescia, Italy. For Division One, more information will be released in the upcoming weeks.

We initially postponed the two events, as this was the best solution at that time. However, in light of the ongoing situation and the uncertainties due to COVID-19, we cannot in good conscience, continue with the two events. Quidditch Europe, the committees, and the European Quidditch Cup vzw believe we would not be able to live up to your expectations and give you a safe and great tournament.

If you are one of the teams that were attending European Quidditch Cup 2020, please check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. Most questions you will have are answered there.

This decision was not easy for any of us, but we truly believe it is the best one in this current situation. We hope to see all of you again in 2021 at both of our events. Thank you for all your trust and support, we can’t do this without you. We are all Quidditch Europe!

Frequently Asked Questions

πŸ…  Why don’t you just move the European Quidditch Cup to another location?

πŸ… We believe the best and safest decision will be to postpone both events to next year.

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 situation in Europe for 2020 still remains unpredictable. The European Quidditch Cup involves a lot of money and work by the committees, volunteers and players, and there are currently too many uncertainties, such as possible border closures for us to be able to deliver the events this year.

πŸ…  When and where will the events in 2021 be?

πŸ… European Quidditch Cup 2021 Division Two will take place once again in Brescia, Italy. The date for this event will be communicated in fall 2020. 

For European Quidditch Cup 2021 Division One, we hope to release information in the near future.

πŸ…  Will spot allocation stay the same?

πŸ… Yes, the NGB spot allocation will remain the same as for the European Quidditch Cup 2020. This means that spots will be reset to the initial allocation of the 2020 event. NGBs can decide to hold qualifiers to determine the attending teams and seeding in 2021, or can decide to automatically requalify the teams that qualified for the European Quidditch Cup 2020.

NGBs that had previously forfeited their spot, will be reappointed their spot. If an NGB wishes to forfeit their spot, we request those NGBs to contact Quidditch Europe and the European Quidditch Cup Gameplay Director as soon as possible.

The application for the Emerging Area spots will be reopened and selection will start from the beginning. Emerging Areas that had previously applied for an Emerging Area spot do not have to reapply and will be contacted by Quidditch Europe about their application. Emerging Areas that had not yet applied will be allowed to apply through a public application form.

πŸ…  Will the same teams be invited to the events and will the rosters still be locked?

πŸ… No. As explained above, the spots will be reset as to what they were for the European Quidditch Cup 2020. All rosters already submitted will be deleted and rosters for the 2021 events will have to follow the Quidditch Europe roster and transfer policies.

πŸ…  What will happen with our team fees?

πŸ… Teams will be contacted by the committees with more information about the fees.

πŸ…  Will the team fees remain the same?

πŸ… We do not know this at the moment. More information about the team fees will be released to the attending teams.

πŸ…  Which rulebook will be used for the events?

πŸ… The European Quidditch Cup 2021 will use the new IQA rulebook, which will be released this summer, with possible amendments to be determined.

πŸ…  What will happen to the information already submitted?

πŸ… According to the GDPR, all information will be deleted. You can find our privacy statement here: https://eqc2020.org/about/privacy/

πŸ…  What about volunteers and officials?

πŸ… All applications of volunteers and officials who have signed up for either Division of European Quidditch Cup 2020 will be removed. Anybody who wants to volunteer or officiate at European Quidditch Cup 2021 will need to sign up again.

πŸ…  Will there be a new Division Two group draw?

πŸ… Yes, since only spot allocation remains the same and not the teams, a new draw will be done.

πŸ…  What will happen with the Division Two pre-ordered merchandise?

πŸ… We will not be able to send you the merchandise you ordered. Your order will be refunded.

πŸ…  What will happen with the Division Two food orders?

πŸ… Your food orders will be refunded.

πŸ…  Will European Quidditch Cup Division Two still have a Stay and Play policy?

πŸ… Yes, specific information about the Stay and Play policy will be sent to the qualifying teams.

πŸ…  What about my accommodation voucher for European Quidditch Cup D2?

πŸ… Your voucher will be transferred to the 2021 edition. If you do not qualify for this edition, your voucher will be transferred to the team in your NGB that qualifies. You will receive the money from that team instead. 

πŸ…  I don’t agree with the postponement of the events.

πŸ… We are truly sorry for the inconvenience. This decision was made with everyone’s wellbeing at heart, and for the best of the events.

πŸ…  I still want to play at an international quidditch event in September or October, can I?

πŸ… Quidditch Europe will not be organizing any international events in 2020.

πŸ…  I have more questions about the postponement of the events.

πŸ… If you have any other questions or your questions are not listed here, please contact us at quidditcheurope@gmail.com or just message the Quidditch Europe page.