EQC2021 will be reorganized in 2022

Dear community

We know you’ve been waiting for a decision towards European Quidditch Cup Division 1 and Division 2 happening this year. During the last weeks, we, the new elected Quidditch Europe board team, have been discussing and analyzing all the many variables involved in this decision. We agree the most important thing is the safety of both the people (players, officials, volunteers, spectators…) and the sport itself. 

For reaching this decision, our thoughts were focused on two main points. On one hand, general health and safety of all people involved within the community due to pandemic situation, as well as actual restrictions.

Vaccinations are already happening, but we can’t certainly know how they will evolve. Considering the European Quidditch Cup is an international tournament that involves players from many countries, we don’t have to consider just the restrictions in Brescia (Italy) and Limerick (Ireland), but also on every NGB. There is the possibility that travel restrictions differ; in this scenario, some of the qualified teams might be able to attend and some others may not, which would leave the event in an unbearable situation.

On the other hand, we considered the sportive and competitive scene. We believe that to do what is best for our beloved sport, we have to see the whole picture. European Quidditch Cup it’s meant to be an event where teams and players can not just compete, but improve, enjoy and evolve. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, sportive activity is on standby on many NGBs. We do not think that hosting a tournament where players have not had the opportunity to properly train at the level that is required to do their best at an EQC matches the spirit and essence of the event. 

For these reasons, we think the best alternative we have is to assume it is not safe to host any international tournament this year. Previously, Quidditch Europe has postponed the European Quidditch Cup 2020 to this year, hoping the uncertain scenario that surrounds this kind of event would be more stable by now. However, we don’t think the level of stability we have reached is enough to host a safe, prosperous and wholesome event this year.

We are already working on the organisation of European Quidditch Cup 2022 Division 1 and Division 2. Both divisions will take place on the previous venues voted by the NGBs: Limerick, Ireland for Division 1 and Brescia, Italy for Division 2. We are currently discussing the concrete dates with our event partners and will update you once there is more to share.

We deeply thank you for your patience and understanding! Of course, we remain at your disposal for any further questions or concerns, so feel free to reach out to us at quidditcheurope@gmail.com or via our FB page!

Hope you are all safe and well,

Quidditch Europe


Why will the European Quidditch Cup not take place in August 2021? 🔴🔵

While we do believe that hosting the actual event could be possible in late August, the current restrictions in various European countries still prohibit full-contact sports. This means that teams are not able to train and prepare adequately for the event.

COVID-19 still remains unpredictable. Several situations are improving, as vaccinations are picking up phase. However, on average, the most common age group (16 – 30 years old) will not have had the chance to be fully vaccinated before the end of July.

Due to the competitive nature of the event, we do not regard it as safe for the teams to compete without being able to practise. We believe that all participating teams should be able to practise at full capability and capacity before competing in the most important club tournament in Europe.

With the current trend being as it is, based on multiple sources, we do not think this will be possible before the end of August – as previously announced.

Why not organize EQC late 2021? October-November maybe? 🔴🔵

We believe the best and safest decision will be to not organize any events in 2021, whether it’s the European Quidditch Cup or an alternative event organized by Quidditch Europe.

When we resume the sport we all love, we should refocus on the roots of the sports. Make sure that local clubs and National Governing Bodies (NGBs) have survived the gap, and rebuild on what’s there.

We want to learn, together with our member NGBs, on how to safely organize bigger and smaller events safely, to eventually be able to welcome you again, safely, at the European Quidditch Cup.

When and where will European Quidditch Cup be held in 2022? 🔴🔵

We are currently in contact with our event partners to fix the dates for both Divisions of EQC 2022. Once the exact dates are known, we will communicate them to you.

Why these locations? 🔴🔵

The location of EQC Division 2 was decided by NGB vote, and originally announced on 9th of November 2019.

The location of EQC Division 1 was decided by NGB vote, and originally announced on 7th of February 2020, after reopening bids. 

We have explicitly chosen against reopening the bidding process as we are currently in good standing with our current event partners. Just like us, they want to give you the optimal experience and show you what they have to offer. It would be unfair towards our partners and a sign of disrespect for the hard work that both sides have already put into the preliminary planning so far.

What about spot allocations? Will all countries keep the amount of spots? 🔴🔵

Spot allocations will stay the same. 

Regardless of the amount of teams currently in each country, the spot allocation for Division 1 would stay exactly the same as it was announced back for EQC 2020, because it is based on performance.

For Division 2, we have recalculated the spots with the current amount of active teams per NGB. However, the change in spot allocation for Division 2 is negligibly small and would take away spots from small NGBs and award them to larger NGBs that already have multiple spots allocated to them. Because of the development focus of Division 2, we have decided to keep the spot allocations as previously announced for EQC 2020. We believe the benefit for smaller NGBs is more important in Division 2, especially coming out of the pandemic.

Additionally, we know COVID-19 had an impact on the amount of teams for some NGB and we do not want to punish these NGBs by also taking away their previously announced spots.

Will the same teams participate in the event in 2022? 🔴🔵

Qualification of teams for the European Quidditch Cup has always been handled by the NGBs and this will also be the case for EQC in 2022.

This means it is up to the NGBs to decide which teams qualify for the respective tournaments. 

NGBs can choose to host a new qualifier event, or select the already previously qualified teams from 2020 to participate in the 2022 events.

For more information on the qualification process in your NGB, we advise you to contact your NGB leadership directly.

Will the same players participate in these events? 🔴🔵

Qualification for the European Quidditch Cup is handled by the NGBs. Therefore, it is uncertain whether the same teams or players will be attending the event in 2022 (see question above for more detail)

What about rosters? 🔴🔵

All qualifying teams will be able to select a new roster of players. Any roster submitted for the event in 2020 will be disregarded and ignored for the 2022 event.

All rosters are still subject to the European Roster- and Transfer Policies. 

Will the groups be the same? 🔴🔵

No, as we are not sure if the same teams will participate in the events. A new group draw will take place before the event. 

What rulebook will be used? 🔴🔵

The European Quidditch Cup 2022 will use the official IQA Rulebook that is in effect at the time of the event.

I might not be participating in the 2022 edition. Can I get a refund? 🔴🔵

All D1 teams have been completely refunded in accordance with the applicable laws, as we have completely moved the 2020 tournament to another location. 

For D2, the following options apply. 

You(r team) has qualified to attend the 2022 edition of Division 2

By default your team will not be refunded. However, you can ask for a partial refund of €350. 

By the time of the event, we will ask you to complete the team fee again. 

If you do not ask for the refund, we will not ask you to pay the team fee anymore at the time of the event. 

You(r team) has not qualified to attend the 2022 edition of Division 2

By default your team will be partially refunded for €350.

At latest by [June 2022], we will refund the remaining €300. 

Why only a partial refund? Can’t I get the full sum at once? 🔴

As we have currently non-refundable down-payments on specifics like venue or equipment, parts of the money from EQC 2020 D2 have already been spent. Therefore, we can not guarantee a full refund at this moment.

We believe everyone is entitled to their full amount, and will do so once the financial situation stabilizes, which will likely be after the successful event in 2022. 

My team will not exist anymore in 2022. Can I get the full sum at once? 🔴

Please contact quidditcheurope@gmail.com and we’ll see what’s possible. 

If you forfeit your spot already at this very moment, please know you will no longer be able to qualify for either of the upcoming events in 2022. Your decision is irreversible.

Will the team fee stay the same? 🔴🔵

Yes, for Division 2.

No, for Division 1.

For all teams participating in D2, the team fee will be €650.

The team fee for Division 1 will be communicated to the qualified teams, once they have confirmed their attendance.

Will Division 2 still have the Stay & Play policy? 🔴


Specific information will be sent to the participating teams once the details have been finalized with our event partners.