EQC2024 Bid Manual Released

QE is proud to present the bid manual with information on the bidding process for EQC2024, Division 1 and Division 2.

This manual is intended to help and guide interested bidding parties in selecting a suitable venue for the event and also on how to write a bid for EQC.

EQC Timeframe

The next EQC will be hosted in two Divisions within the following targeted timeframe:
EQC2024 will take place between March 16th, 2024 and June 2nd, 2024, with the following

  • The weekend of the Easter is excluded from this timeframe, please avoid this weekend when choosing the date(s) for the bid!
  • Division 2 usually takes place at least 2-3 weeks prior to Division 1

Important Deadlines & Dates (Summarised)

August 20th, 2023Non-Binding Intent to BidBidding PartyFill in form and send (as pdf) to general@quidditcheurope.org
September 30th, 2023Bid SubmissionBidding PartySend PDF version of your bid to general@quidditcheurope.org
October 2023Review of Bids & Selection of FinalistsQE Bid Selection CommitteeInternal Meetings
November 2023(Virtual) Site Visits of Finalists Finalist Bidding Party & QE Bid Selection CommitteeIn Person or
Video Call
November 2023Consultation with NGBsQE Bid Selection CommitteeInternal Meetings
December 2023Agreements & ContractsQE & Bidding PartyInternal Meetings & Mail
December 2023Public EQC2024 Location(s) AnnouncementQEWebsite & Social Media
Late January 2024In Person Site for Winning Location(s)QE & Bidding PartyIn Person
Please keep in mind that these dates are provisional and may change (with the exception of the deadlines).

Can a bid be submitted for a specific Division?

All received bids will be considered for either Division. If a preference for a specific Division is stated in the bid, this preference will be considered in the selection process, however there is no guarantee that a bid will receive the preferred Division in the end.

Received bids with the intent to host both Divisions simultaneously will also be considered to only host a single Division. Here, the same regulation of being considered for either Division applies as well.

If a bid is selected as a finalist the respective bidding party will be informed which Division the bid is being considered for as a finalist. A single bid may be considered as a finalist for both Division 1 and Division 2 simultaneously.

We have chosen to implement these new steps in the bidding process from the issues we have encountered in the previous bidding cycle.

We are looking forward to the bids for EQC2024!

Bid Manual (PDF)