Introducing the EQC2020 D1 Committee

We are delighted to present to you the team of dedicated volunteers, who are giving the quidditch community their time and expertise to create the biggest international quidditch tournament on European soil in 2020! You can find more about them below:


I’ve started playing quidditch in November 2014 and have held various volunteer positions in BQF, QPL and the IQA as well as being part of multiple tournament committees, including European Games and two World Cups. I am currently QPL Europe Director, IQA Events Director, and West-Flanders Warlocks vice president. Previous roles include IQA RDT Manager and IQA Gameplay Director. In my spare time, when I am not volunteering for quidditch, I love to read, watch Netflix, play board games or go for a nice walk on the beach.


Now in his 3rd season playing for Sheffield Quidditch, Arkady has also worked at Northern & Southern Cup at QUK, and been tournament director for the last two Steel City Cup competitions. When not playing quidditch, he is a musician, programmer, and gamer.


I’m Ysé, I’ve been playing quidditch for 2,5 years with the Brussels Qwaffles and I’ve participated as much as I could in the life of the club. I’m excited to be the volunteers coordinator on EQC D1 this year. It will be my first year as part of the organization of an EQC but I’m used to lead projects and volunteers at my work or on my free time. I was for instance a volunteer for the Olympic games in Rio where I had the opportunity to manage a team of volunteers.

When I’m not on a quidditch pitch you can find me in a theater, a concert venue, volunteering with migrants or on my couch learning guitar. See you soon at EQC, on pitch or in the volunteers team !


Some of you know me from the last years’ tournaments but for the ones who don’t know, I love helping to any participant during tournament to make them more comfortable and happier because this is what quidditch makes us. This year I am going to be Assistant Volunteer Coordinator in Ghent! Since 2nd of May is my birthday, spending it with you all is a perfect gift! Fasten your seat belts and get ready to have a great tournament!

MARIE PFANNE – TREASURER I started playing Quidditch in October 2016 with the Portkeys Bremen. After playing my first tournament in January 2017 I got hooked in the Quidditch community and wanted to be a bigger part of it. So, in February 2017 I helped founding Ottos Occamys Magdeburg. Without any knowledge in finances I became the treasurer for Portkeys Bremen in February 2017 and stayed in this position for nearly two years. So far, I have been finance manager for two major German tournaments – German Championship 2018 and German Ice Cup 2018. After a semester without Quidditch in Russia I became treasurer of the Deutscher Quidditch Bund in the 2019/20 season. Off pitch I used to study Russian history but gave that up and will soon start an apprenticeship as an event manager.


I’ve played Quidditch since 2016. Next to playing as a beater in Ghent Gargoyles II, I’m also involved in their board. I work on social media and content for both Ghent Gargoyles and Belgian Quidditch Federation. I’ve already got some experience with assisting on organizing a Quidditch tournament in Ghent. I was on the LXG 2019 organizing committee for accommodations and general support. So managing hospitality for EQC 2020 D1 is a perfect job for me. As part of the Ghent Gargoyles board I also want to add that the club is proud to welcome Europe on our home fields. We would like to work closely with the committee to help in making EQC a beautiful experience for everyone where we could all gain from.


We thank Arne van Bel, last year’s division one’s logistics manager, who is lending us some workforce this year from his Belgian company, Black Shaker Events!



Lore first joined quidditch as Belgian Quidditch Federations’ Marketing & Communications director in March 2018. She quickly also became the Team Manager for Belgian Gryffins during World Cup 2018. Her work did not go unnoticed and she was asked to join the Quidditch Premier League team as Communications Executive for Belgium and to join QConsultancy as NGB and PR specialist.

She was also Assistant Tournament Director for EQC D1 2019 in Harelbeke, where she lives. Lore eventually started playing quidditch seriously after transferring to her current club, Brussels Quidditch Club in January 2019, of which she is currently president of. She plays for Wonderful Sprouts, the second team of Brussels Quidditch Club.


Umut is the hipster behind the curtains, who created the logo for EQC. He was the graphic designer for EQC 2019 and will be assisting the tournament committee with his branding skills this year. He has been an active player of BOUN Renegades since 2017. Currently, he is the vice-chair of the team and the director of Renegades TV. He is assisting Q Consultancy as a branding specialist to help projects shine bright like diamonds. He works for a quidditch-specialized supplier, Utillity Apparel as a Growth Specialist. In his free-time from quidditch, he enjoys going to school and managing his football data analytics company called Comparisonator. P.S.: He is on an adventure, chasing his destiny in London.


Zeynep is an undergraduate student in Bogazici University, Istanbul. She is an active player and also the co-captain of BOUN Renegades quidditch team. Besides she is the content creator of Utility Apparel. She has been engaging in MUN conferences and alumni association organizations as a public relations member for years. She is thrilled to be a part of the committee as the general assistant this year and cannot wait to meet you all.