Introducing the EQC2020 D2 Committee

We are proud to present to you the team of dedicated volunteers, who are giving the quidditch community their time and expertise to create the second-biggest international quidditch tournament on European soil in 2020! You can find more about them below:


I’ve started playing quidditch in November 2014 and have held various volunteer positions in BQF, QPL and the IQA as well as being part of multiple tournament committees, including European Games and two World Cups. I am currently QPL Europe Director, IQA Events Director, and West-Flanders Warlocks’s vice president. Previous roles include IQA RDT Manager and IQA Gameplay Director. In my spare time, when I am not volunteering for quidditch, I love to read, watch Netflix, play board games or go for a nice walk on the beach.


My name is Tiphaine, I’m from France. I studied agriculture and I have a master’s degree in ethology. I started quidditch in December 2015 with Nantes Quidditch, and I’m now playing with Paris Frog for the 3rd season. As a volunteer, I mostly helped with communication works for both teams and the French Quidditch Federation ever since. I have been TD for Random’s Cup V held in Paris.

For EQC D2, I will be the Referee and Snitch Coordinator.


I’m Junia Amanti and I’ll be the Volunteer Coordinator for European Quidditch Cup Division 2. I am a Communication student and I live in Siena, a medieval city in the centre of Italy. I started playing quidditch in 2013 and volunteering in 2015. I had the chance to follow up the organization of several Italian tournaments but my greatest experience was being Assistant Tournament Director for the IQA World Cup 2018 in Florence. Currently, I’m President of the Associazione Italiana Quidditch and I’m involved in the International Quidditch Association Events Department.


Hi! I’m Daniele and I will be Hospitality Coordinator for EQC D2!

I’m the president of Polisportiva Bombarda Brixia, the association that made the bid for Brescia. I’ve been playing quidditch since 2016 and so travelled across Europe in these years. Now I’m ready for this new adventure, trying to do my best as always!


I’ve been playing Quidditch for 3 years and though this is my first time being part of the tournament committee, I have plenty of previous experience volunteering within the sport. Having coached the London Unspeakables for 2 of those years, been in charge of socials and social media for 2 years for the club, QPL’s Media Director for 2 years and Team UK Expansion Coach & Head Scout for a season. In addition to my years volunteering in Quidditch, I have been a video producer for 6 years in charge of running shoots and delivering videos to clients within a set budget.


Hi! I am Arianna and I come from Italy, Brescia. I have been playing quidditch for almost 5 years now, as a beater, and last year I managed to play in the Italian national team for EG. I worked for my team and I am currently working in AEGEE Brescia as well. Looking forward to making this Division 2 (positively) unforgettable for both you quidkids and spectators, I hope to see you soon in Brescia!


Hi, I’m Guido, I’m 43 years old and I’m a player and a member of the Bombarda Brixia Quidditch Club board. I’m married to Lia and have two kids Chiara is 15 (and plays Quidditch) and Francesco is 12 years old. I work in a company that help other companies with energy taxation and to do an energy audit for energy saving. I like music (especially rock and heavy metal), board games, trekking in the mountains, sports in general and cosplay. I’m the EQC D2 logistics coordinator.



Lore first joined quidditch as Belgian Quidditch Federations’ Marketing & Communications Director in March 2018. She quickly also became the Team Manager for Belgian Gryffins during World Cup 2018. Her work did not go unnoticed and she was asked to join the Quidditch Premier League team as Communications Executive for Belgium and to join QConsultancy as NGB and PR specialist.

She was also Assistant Tournament Director for EQC D1 2019 in Harelbeke, where she lives. Lore eventually started playing quidditch seriously after transferring to her current club, Brussels Quidditch Club in January 2019, of which she is currently president. She plays for Wonderful Sprouts, the second team of Brussels Quidditch Club.


Umut is the hipster behind the curtains, who created the logo for EQC. He was the graphic designer for EQC 2019 and will be assisting the tournament committee with his branding skills this year. He has been an active player of BOUN Renegades since 2017. Currently, he is the vice-chair of the team and the director of Renegades TV. He is assisting Q Consultancy as a branding specialist to help projects shine bright like diamonds. He works for a quidditch-specialized supplier, Utillity Apparel as a Growth Specialist. In his free time from quidditch, he enjoys going to school and managing his football data analytics company called Comparisonator. P.S.: He is on an adventure, chasing his destiny in London.


I’m Chris, from Belgium, keeper, chaser and sometimes beater or even seeker for Liège Leviathans. As you can see, I’m kind of a handyman on the pitch and… also in the committee ^^ I’m here to help the tournament run smoothly wherever I may be required and make other people benefit from my long experience in organizing tournaments (not only quidditch and yes, “long” because I’m older than I look).

See you all in Brescia in 2020!