IQA World Cup 2020 postponed to 2021

The IQA and US Quidditch have decided to postpone the IQA World Cup 2020 to July 31-August 1, 2021, following the growing uncertainty and risks related to the spread of COVID-19 globally. The 2021 event will still be held in the U.S., in Richmond, VA at Glover Park.

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This decision was made by the IQA board after consulting with NGB and national team representatives, experts, the IQA events department, USQ and our local event partners. Under the current circumstances, we feel that it would be impossible to guarantee the health and safety of all attendees at a summer 2020 event. There are also logistical concerns that are preventing everyone involved from preparing and planning for a successful tournament. When looking at 2021 vs 2022, we analyzed the impact of both years on several key groups, including NGBs/national teams, the IQA, USQ, volunteers and spectators and our event partners. 

Overall, 30 NGBs and national teams gave us their feedback on postponing World Cup. A summary of the feedback collected can be found here.

“We are very sorry that World Cup cannot happen this summer,” said Pauline Raes, Events Director of the IQA. “We know that it’s one of the most important events for the entire quidditch community. It’s not just a competition, though that’s surely a very exciting part of it! It’s an opportunity for us to gather together, to meet people from different countries and cultures and grow as sportspeople. Remember that those values are not going away. We’re all going through a very difficult time right now, but quidditch will be coming back, and we will all meet again.”

We would like to thank everyone who has already dedicated their time and support in making the World Cup 2020 happen. If you expressed an interest in volunteering at the event this summer, the IQA events team will be in touch with more information about 2021 in the upcoming weeks. For teams, registration will reopen later in the summer. Please reach out to if you need any additional information or have questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the postponed event?
The event will take place in Richmond, Virginia, USA on July 28 – August 1, 2021. 

How was the new date decided?
We surveyed NGBs and national teams to find out their date preferences. We also talked to our local partners, Richmond Region Tourism and Henrico County, to confirm when Glover Park had open weekends and out of those options what dates would work best for them. Lastly, we got feedback from the event’s NGB co-host US Quidditch, along with Major League Quidditch, who is helping with marketing and promotion.

Why are you not changing the location of the event?
We have decided to keep the current location based on NGB preference and to be able to focus on organizing the event rather than a full new bid process which would take months. Confirming the current location, which was also chosen by the majority of NGBs, will allow more time to plan the trip for next year. We are thankful for the support of our event partners, US Quidditch and the host location to continue to support the event in 2021.

Why did you decide to postpone the event instead of canceling? And why 2021?
Canceling the event would have led to several negative consequences, including a loss of morale for NGBs and national teams, a loss in revenue for the IQA and other event partners, and a decrease in the visibility of quidditch on the international stage. When looking at 2021 vs 2022, we analyzed the impact of both years on several key groups, including NGBs/national teams, the IQA, USQ, volunteers and spectators and our event partners. By postponing just a year, we capitalize on the planning and momentum that has been building for this event. It also minimizes the impact on future event cycles. We recommend you read the feedback summary from NGBs and national teams for more information on our decision.

I need a letter to cancel or re-book my trip. Where can I get one?
For any support, you can reach out to

When will the next IQA World Cup be following 2021?
The next IQA World Cup after the one in 2021 will take place in 2024.

My team registered for World Cup 2020 and will attend in 2021. Will we have to register again?
Yes, your team will have to register again to be sure that we have all the most recent information next year. 

My team did not sign up for the World Cup in 2020. Can we still attend in 2021?
Yes, of course. All registrations will start all over again for World Cup 2021.

My team registered for World Cup 2020 but cannot attend in 2021. What do we have to do?
Registration for World Cup 2021 will start all over again, so there are no actions needed from your side. 

What will happen to the registration information already collected?
Signup details will be deleted, while contact info will be used to inform the teams of the registration deadlines for World Cup 2021. 

What are the World Cup 2021 registration deadlines?
We are already working on World Cup 2021 and we will be sharing all the deadlines in due time, in order to allow everyone to have enough time to organize.

Will the team fees for World Cup 2021 change?
We are already working on World Cup 2021 and we will be sharing all the organization details once we have them, but we can reassure that fees will stay in line with the current ones. 

Will the eligibility and roster policies remain the same?
The roster policy will stay the same, while we are currently rephrasing and updating the eligibility policy in order to improve the overall clarity of it.

Will World Cup 2021 also have a stay and play?
Yes, it will. All the information will be shared during the next registration cycle. 

Will World Cup 2021 be played under the current or the new IQA rulebook?The World Cup 2021 will be played under the new rulebook which will be released by the end of summer 2020. 

I have already booked my flight for this summer. How do I get this changed or refunded?
We are sorry for any inconvenience coming from the COVID-19 emergency. Flight refund policies will be the ones of your travel company or your airline. We advise you to reach out to their customer care to see if a refund by them is applicable. 

I’ve already started my visa application process / paid for it. What do I do and can I get a refund?
We advise you to contact your embassy for more information.

When will tickets go on sale for the 2021 event?
Tickets will go on sale later this year. 

I’d like to volunteer for the 2021 event. How do I get involved?

What will happen with the IQA Continental Games?
The IQA Continental Games will consequently take place in 2022-2023. Exact specifics will be announced in due time.

I have a question not on this list. Where do I go?
For additional questions, please reach out to