New Fee System for EQC2020 D1

With the EQC’s fast approaching, it is time we announce the change we made regarding the team fees of the EQC Division 1.

In November, after announcing the Division 1 location, we noticed it was unevenly difficult for the attending teams to make it to Ghent in their best form. Therefore, we created a system that considers the distance each individual team has to travel to get to the tournament and in some cases also the GDP of the country. In some cases, geography of Europe was used as a tiebreaker between the teams with otherwise a similar distance.

We are happy to inform you that we then got the approval from the vast majority of the representatives, and now that Division 1 is only 3 months away, we are sharing it with you as well on the link below. The team fees for Division 2 remain the same as the last year’s.