Partnership Announcement: QE x Happening

QE is proud to announce a 2 year partnership with Happening.

For both EQC Divisions in 2023 and 2024, Happening will be QE’s exclusive apparel merchandise provider, and will be dressing all committee members and volunteers.

“We are proud and more than happy to have the chance to be a part of the most prestigious quadball organization in Europe once again. It is a great step to officially sign a two year partnership this time; taking a very well working collaboration to the next level, allowing Happening to bring in new ideas and products to the European quadball scene. We are excited for this opportunity to take our collaboration with QE to the next level, let’s make it happen!”

Kaan Bolat, Co-founder and CEO of Happening

“We are looking forward to see Happening being represented at EQC for the next 2 years, on and off the pitch. After partnering several times in the past, and always have been immensely satisfied by the quality of their products and services, this 2 year partnership is the logical next step into providing our community the highest level of merchandise at the highest level of tournaments in Europe.”

Laurens Grinwis, Board Member and Events Liason of QE

About Happening

Happening is a Turkish apparel brand and design hub, started in 2017. They have built up a design studio where they create, innovate and produce for countless partners in over 20 countries from 3 different continents around the world! Happening prepares collections for textile brands, produces their own casual wear, innovates design projects in- and outside of the textile industry, and still keeps on satisfying fellow athletes by constantly renewing and improving their vision.