Reallocation of EQC2022 Spots

We regret to inform you multiple National Governing Bodies (NGBs) have forfeited some or all of their EQC spots that we’re previously announced.

We have now finalized the spot allocations for EQC2022 after the confirmations and forfeits. There are a few changes in spots in both Divisions. The full new spot allocation can be viewed in the linked spreadsheet here.

Division 1 Forfeits

  • Quidditch Derneği (Turkey) has forfeited 4 of their 5 Division 1 Spots. Turkey will be represented by only 1 team at EQC2022.

Division 2 Forfeits

  • Quidditch Ireland has forfeited their single spot for Division 2.
  • Svenska Quidditchförbundet (Sweden) has forfeited their single spot for Division 2

Division 1 Gains

  • Belgian Quidditch Federation (Belgium) gains 1 spot.
  • Norges Rumpeldunkforbund (Norway) gains 1 spot.
  • Associazione Italiana Quidditch (Italy) gains 1 spot.
  • Quidditch Austria gains 1 spot.

As QuidditchUK was already at the spot max of 10 total (5 in D1 and 5 in D2) this would have only shifted a D2 spot into D1 and would have left them at 6 in D1 and 4 in D2. UK declined the change in spots. We have decided to allow this decline in spot changes.

Then there was a tie between Quidditch Austria and Dansk Quidditchforbund (Denmark) for the last D1 spot, but Denmark declined the spot (a similar situation to UK would have applied to Denmark as well, if they would have accepted the D1 spot).
Therefore the last D1 spot goes to Austria.

Division 2 Gains

  • Asociación Quidditch España (Spain) gains 1 spot.
  • Česká Asociace Famfrpálu (Czech Republic) gains 1 spot.

New Spot Allocations

Please keep in mind only 22 teams are calculated for Division 2, as there will be 2 teams present from Emerging Areas.