Revealing EQC2024 Locations & Dates

QE is thrilled to announce the locations and dates of EQC2024 for Division 1 and Division 2!

For the first time in history, Division 1 & Division 2 will be hosted at the same location in the same weekend! EQC2024 will be held in…

Salou, Catalonia

EQC2024 will take place in Salou in the weekend of March 16-17, 2024.
The event will be hosted at the Futbol Salou Sport Center.

The venue is considered one of the best sports complexes in southern Europe. The venue combines natural grass and artificial grass pitches, endorsed by UEFA and FIFA.

Stay & Play – Cambrils Park Resort

EQC2024 will be using a mandated Stay&Play policy. All athletes and team staff will stay at Cambrils Park Resort.

Located just 10 minutes walking distance from the Salou Sport Center, you can find the Resort, specially designed to accommodate all types of athletes. After an intense day of games, there is nothing better than resting in a comfortable, clean and private accommodation.

There are a variety of pools you can chill at, a fitness and spa area, and a sports area. The resort is divided into three areas: the Mediterranean, Polynesia, and the Caribbean.

Accommodation Rates for the Resort:

  • Full Board (breakfast, lunch & dinner)*: €57,5/pp/night
    • + Tourist Tax: €1/pp/night
    • Prices apply to all participants of EQC that stay in the resort
    • Family members and/or others accompanying the player may also benefit from these prices.
  • Services include:
    • Use of the gym*
    • Spa sessions for teams*

** = depending availability

More info about how to book the accommodation will be released later.

Estimated Cost

This will be the largest event we have ever organized and it is also the largest international event the sport has ever seen in Europe!

However, the size of the event in connected to substantial costs and we are expecting a team fee between €850 and €1100 per team, but it may vary depending on the actual costs associated with the event.

The mandatory Stay&Play is in place because there is a discount on the venue cost. There is a reduction based on the number of booked nights at the accommodation.

Costs are not final yet, as we are still in process of negotiating and may therefore vary. Please keep this in mind and be aware that this is an initial estimate to give you all an idea on the rough costs per team and person.

We are aware of the high costs and are already working on ways to keep costs from getting too high, therefore some features might be missing at EQC, but we will inform you once we have a better idea on what this will look like.

Volunteering & Committee

EQC 2024 will be the largest event we have ever organized. Therefore, for this year and more than ever, we are in need of volunteers for the event!
Whether you want to be a player that fills ref slots when you’re not playing, or you want to be a pitch manager or even be part of the committee. Everybody is welcome and needed!
Because of the special circumstance of the event the committee will consists of a core team and an extended team of assistants for each position. So you have the choice between core committee or assistant (e.g. if you want to give it a try and see how organizing an EQC works).
If we have peaked your interest you can sign up for either committee (core and assistant) as well as event volunteer via the following forms.

While nothing is guaranteed, we will try to offer several perks like:

  • Free Accommodation (Full or Half Board)
  • Volunteer Fee (up to €80)
  • Travel Reimbursement
  • Commemorative T-Shirt / Polo

Sign up as Commitee:

Sign up as Volunteer:

Sign up as Official:

Notes from the Board

EQC Bidding

This year, QE only received one bid to host EQC2024, and -luckily- it is possible to host both Divisions at the same place.

We want to remind our community that without proper bids, EQC cannot take place.

Within the month, we will release the Bid Manual for EQC2025. We hope that by releasing the bidding almost 6 months earlier, it will be easier to find venues capable of hosting this/these event/s.

Timing of the Announcement

We understand that there may be inquiries about the seemingly late announcement of the event dates, compared to when EQC2024 is taking place.

As it is the first we host an event of this size, we wanted to fully evaluate the venue & contracts, and communicate with the different partners and stakeholders to make sure the event could run smoothly.

However, we want to clarify that this announcements falls well within the timeline initially communicated. It has always been our goal to announce the location and dates in December. As EQC is a singular event, there is no distinction whether Division 1, Division 2, or both could be hosted on the very first weekend possible within the timeframe we have established.