EQC2024 – Team Info

Last update: 19 February 2023

General Deadlines

23rd of February 2024Roster Submission
25th of February 2024Planning Sheet Submission
3rd of March 2024Booking Sheet Submission
10th of March 2024Team Fee & Additional Nights Payment

Roster Submission

First, make a copy of this spreadsheet by going to File>Make a copy. You do not have edit rights on this spreadsheet so you will not be able to make changes to this file.

There are 2 tabs to be filled out.

The first tab is the usual roster for your team with players and team staff. You are allowed a maximum of 21 players and an additional maximum 3 non playing team staffers.

The second tab is for the referee quota.
The top quota (yellow cells) is to be filled out if you provide a head referee. You do not have to fill out the green cells in this case.
The bottom quota (green cells) is to be filled out if you do not provide a head referee. You do not have to fill out the yellow cells in this case.

Submitting your roster must be done through the following form: LINK.

The roster must be submitted before 23rd of February 2024, 23:59 CET.

After submission, your roster will be verified:

  • by your National Governing Body, to verify compliance with all QE Membership Policies.
  • by the EQC Officials Department, to verify the certification of your submitted officials.

Planning Sheet Submission

When you received the ‘Welcome to EQC2024’ email, you should have received a Planning Sheet. On the planning sheet, you can order additional nights for additional players.

If your team needs additional nights (on top of the 3 nights for 12 players included in the team fee), we must received your planning sheet before 25th of February 2024, 23:59 CET.

Please email your Planning Sheet to eqc.resort@quidditcheurope.org.
Within 3 days, you will receive your Booking Sheet.

If you have already sent your Planning Sheet before Thursday 15/02/2024, and you have not received your Booking Sheet, or you have not received a Planning Sheet, please email eqc.resort@quidditcheurope.org.

Booking Sheet Submission

On the booking sheet, you must fill out your team details, including personal details of players, staff and companions (First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Food Preferences / Allergies).

All people who are on the roster, should also be submitted on the booking sheet. People not on the booking sheet, will be removed from the roster.

Please send the filled booking sheet to eqc.resort@quidditcheurope.org before 3rd of March 2024 23:59 CET.

All information on the Booking Sheet will be shared with MARSOPA S.L.. 

MARSOPA owns and markets the sports facilities known as FUTBOL SALOU SPORT CENTER, located at Carretera Vella de Salou a Cambrils, s/n, 43840-Salou. Likewise, in coordination with the company CAMBRILS PARK RESORT, S. L. U. , it is authorized to complete its offer of leasing and use of sports facilities with accommodation and meals at the CAMBRILS PARK RESORT flat hotel, located at Camí de Mas Clariana, s/n, 43840-Cambrils.

Both ‘MARSOPA S.L.’ and ‘European Quidditch Cup vzw’ will process the personal data to which they may have access, on the occasion of the execution of the contract made between both parties, in accordance with the regulations established in Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights, as well as in Regulation (EU) 2016/679.

Payment Deadline

When you received the ‘Welcome to EQC2024’ email, you have received an invoice.
When you received/will receive your Booking Sheet, you will receive an additional invoice.

Please have both invoices paid before 10th of March 2024.


EQC2024 will be played at the Salou Sport Center.

If you are looking for the venue online and/or on your GPS, you can enter: Vial Salou Cambrils, 43840 Salou, Tarragona, Spain

There is parking available at the venue. The amount of parking spaces is plenty.


The venue has multiple natural- and artificial grass football fields. The event will see a total of 12 quadball pitches spread across the venue. The playing surface of the used pitches will be a combination of natural- and artificial grass.

Please keep in mind that no iron/metal studs will be allowed on any of the fields. Make sure to bring appropriate equipment/footwear in accordance with this regulation! 


EQC2024 will be using a mandated Stay&Play policy. All athletes and team staff must stay at Cambrils Park Resort.

Located just 10 minutes walking distance from the Salou Sport Center, you can find the Resort, specially designed to accommodate all types of athletes. After an intense day of games, there is nothing better than resting in a comfortable, clean and private accommodation.

There are a variety of pools you can chill at, a fitness and spa area, and a sports area. The resort is divided into three areas: the Mediterranean, Polynesia, and the Caribbean.

The Stay&Play policy is in place to use the Salou Sports Center at a hefty discount. Not using the Resort would result in much higher fees. 

Team Fees & Booking Accommodation

The base team fee for EQC2024 will be €3.370,00.

This team fee includes Full Board Accommodation* for 3 nights for 12 people at Cambrils Park Resort and associated costs of the event, including but not limited to:

  • Usage of the Salou Sport Center and its facilities
  • Use of equipment
  • Photography at the event
  • Livestream & Media Coverage
  • Volunteers to make the event run smoothly
  • Officials to regulate all games of the event
  • Access to first aid/medical attendance on site
  • Liability insurance
  • Minimum 6 games against the best of the best of European teams 

For any additional person you would like to bring, whether they are a player, staff, family or fan, an additional €58,5/pp/night for Full Board* will be charged. If you are bringing a baby, they can stay for free. You can bring up to 28 people in total, i.e. 16 additional people to the base 12. 

* Full Board for 3 days includes:

  • 3 nights in Salou Sport Center, starting from Friday afternoon to Monday morning
  • Dinner Buffet on Friday evening
  • Breakfast Buffet/Package on Saturday morning
  • Lunch Package on Saturday noon
  • Dinner Buffet on Saturday evening 
  • Breakfast Buffet/Package on Sunday morning
  • Lunch Package on Sunday noon
  • Dinner Buffet on Sunday evening
  • Breakfast on Monday morning
  • Lunch Package to pick up on Monday morning or Lunch Buffet on Monday noon.
  • Use of gym & spa, depending availability
  • Tourist Tax of €1 per night 

If you would like to stay additional nights, before or after the “tournament nights” (Friday 15th of March, Saturday 16th of March, and Sunday 17th of March, this would also cost you €58,5/pp/night (tourist tax included)

Please make sure that you pay the base fee at latest 15 days after receiving the invoice.

Once you confirm your attendance, we will email you 2 documents: the invoice for the base fee & an accommodation planning sheet

For the accommodation planning sheet, we don’t need exact names yet, just general planning on how many people you’ll be bringing and how long they’ll be staying.

If you would like to book your nights, please fill in this sheet first and send it back to us. From there, we will prepare the actual booking sheet and the new invoice.

The booking will close on the Roster Submission deadline, final date pending, but will likely be at the end of February.

 ℹ️ Additional info:

  • If you are coming with less than 12 people, you are still required to pay the base fee listed above. We cannot guarantee discounts or refunds at this point, but are working on potential solutions and will keep you informed if/when this becomes possible.
  • If we end up with a major surplus after the tournament, a major percentage of that surplus will be refunded back to the teams, but nothing is guaranteed. 
  • Any player or staff member that will be on your roster must stay a minimum of 1 night at the Resort

Rulebook & Policies

The event will be played with the current IQA rulebook (Rulebook 2022), with the following amendments/changes:.

For both Divisions, the “3-Max Gender Rule” will apply.

For Division 1, exceptions are not possible. For Division 2, exceptions are possible. These exemptions will always be granted, but need to be requested before the event. More information on this will follow in future updates.

More information about this decision and the application of the gender policy can be found here.

Officials Quota

No game can take place without officials. Therefore we are currently working hard on getting as many non-playing officials to attend EQC so you and your players can focus on playing.

However, we expect to have significantly fewer non-playing officials for this EQC compared to previous years because usually most non-playing officials are playing in the other Division, i.e. a non-playing official at Division 1 is/was playing at Division 2 and vice versa. Therefore, for this EQC, we will be very reliant on playing officials so that every team gets to play their games fairly and in a properly officiated manner.

For this, there will be a quota of officials that every team regardless of Division needs to fulfill. This quota will be as follows:

With HRWithout HR
1x Head Referee
2x Assistant Referee2x Assistant Referee
1x Flag Referee (*)2x Flag Referee (*)
1x Flag Runner (**)2x Flag Runner (**)
5x Officials Total6x Officials Total
*) Flag Referees will be used as an additional AR prior to the Flag Runner entering the field.
**) Every team will be required to field 1 Flag Runner at all times during the event. This means that should your team’s dedicated Flag Runner no longer be capable of fulfilling this duty, e.g. due to injury or the person having to leave the event early, then a different person from your team must fill this role.

In order to keep the administrative burden as low as possible, the officials from your team DO NOT have to sign up separately. The officials of your team for the quota will be forwarded with your team’s preliminary roster. There will be a separate section on the preliminary roster to fill in. That way you know directly whether you fulfill quota and we also have an easy way to keep track.

Any person on your roster is eligible to count towards quota, i.e. both players and non-playing team-staff. If you wish to have non-playing officials (i.e. neither player nor team-staff) count towards your quota, this requires special approval by the committee.

In this case, the non-playing official needs to reach out to us at eqc.volunteers@quidditcheurope.org and we will coordinate with them. Afterwards, the non-playing official will then be able to tell you whether or not you can use them for your quota.

Please make sure that all officials you list are certified under the rulebook used for the event. We will check certifications for every official. Only certified officials can count towards your team’s quota!

If your team is struggling to fulfil the quota, please reach out to us at eqc.volunteers@quidditcheurope.org and we will work on finding a solution for your team!

The deadline to fulfill quota is the same deadline as for the preliminary roster submission on February 23rd, 2024.

Pitch Volunteering

In addition to the officials quota, every team is required to leave behind 2 people after every game to fill the positions of timekeeper, scorekeeper and the goal judges for the subsequent game at the pitch. 

These people do not have to sign up as volunteers. The schedule will list your team and you are required to fill the position(s) with people. 

The people must report to the pitch manager immediately at the end of your team’s game and are required to remain at the pitch.

If your team fails to provide the required 2 people at any of the scheduled slots, your team will receive a yellow card at the start of your next game at the event. This card will be issued to the speaking captain.