EQC2024 – Travel Guide

1. Getting to Spain / Catalonia

By plane

One of the fastest way to get to Spain is by plane.
Barcelona El Prat Airport (100km) is the biggest airport in Catalonia and is therefore the one which offers the most flight combinations. 
Other airports closest to Salou are Reus (10km), Castellón (170km), Girona (200km), Zaragoza (260km) and Valencia (270km).

By train

Barcelona is a major train hub in the European train network.
Barcelona has direct access to Tarragona and Salou.

You can use the Eurail Rail Planner app for planning your (inter)national train travel.

By bus

 The most important bus companies in Europe are: BlaBlaCar Bus, FlixBus, Eurolines, Regiojet, and National Express. All these companies offer routes to Barcelona, with Flixbus even offering routers directly to Salou.

By car

Fancy driving yourself? Fill your tank and put on the best roadtrip playlist!
We advise you taking the European E15 route (also known as the A(P)-7 in Spain) to Salou.

2. Getting to Salou

From Barcelona

By Train

When taking a train in Catalonia, we advise you to consult https://rodalies.gencat.cat/en/inici/ for timetables and fares.

A train leaves the airport every half an hour (at 0.08 and 0.38) and takes roughly half an hour to get to Barcelona Sants, Barcelona’s biggest train station. You will simply have to go up the stairs to the main area and go down again to platform 11 and 12. Trains will depart from either of those platforms, so keep an eye out for your train!

To reach the Cambrils Park Resort is fairly straightforward. After getting to Sants station, you can take any train (of lines R14, R15 & R16) to Vila-Seca. A train leaves roughly every 30m from Barcelona, with some exceptions, so watch out!

From Vila-Seca station you can get a bus just 7 min away which, in just 11 min, will leave you at a 5 minute walk from the accommodation.

This is probably the easiest way to get here (we recommend you search for it on Maps, as it’ll be the easiest way for you to find your way).

Pro Tip: Buy your ticket in the airport to go straight to Salou, as it’ll be cheaper than getting one to Barcelona and then another to Salou.

By Bus

Alternatively you could catch a bus from the airport to Salou here: https://www.busplana.com/en
There is a bus every hour, but it is more expensive than the train.

From Reus

Here is the timetable of the yellow bus you can take from just outside the airport.
The price of the ticket to Salou is €6.75.

Alternatively you could take a Taxi, which costs around €36.

From anywhere else in Spain

We advise you to be looking at trains or busses directly to Salou. If not possible, try to go to Barcelona or Reus. From there, follow the instructions above.

3. Getting to the Salou Sport Center

If you are staying at the official athletes village, Cambrils Park Resort, no need for buses, trains or taxi. Just trust on your own feet, as the Salou Sport Center is just 1km walking away.