EQC2024 – Volunteer Info

Last update: 12 March 2024

Volunteer/Officials Tier System – Positions & Benefits

In order to be eligible for volunteer perks, you need to have been accepted as either volunteer or official (via confirmation from the tournament organization or QE) and be scheduled for a minimum of 50% of the time during the event*.

You will receive the highest perk tier you qualify for!

*In the event, that you miss any of the requirements for the volunteering perks and this can be attributed to either QE or the tournament organization (e.g. you just didn’t get scheduled enough times to meet the 50% time requirement), you will still receive all benefits from your volunteering perk tier!

TierWhoMax AmountBenefits
1Committee Members
Must be non-playing
15Full-Board Accommodation for 3 nights (Friday-Monday)*.

Travel Cost Reimbursements up to €125.

Volunteer Fee of €25 per tournament day.
2Pitch Managers & Pitch Assistants
Must be non-playing
24Full-Board Accommodation for 3 nights (Friday-Monday)*.

Travel Cost Reimbursements up to €85.

Volunteer Fee of €25 per tournament day.
3Media Volunteers (Livestream & Photography)
Must be non-playing
20Full-Board Accommodation for 3 nights (Friday-Monday)*.

Travel Cost Reimbursement up to €50.

Volunteer Fee of €25 per tournament day.
4Non-Playing Officials40Full-Board Accommodation for 3 nights (Friday-Monday)*.

Travel Cost Reimbursement up to €50.

€5 per game officiated. Capped at €80 in total.
5Playing OfficialsN/A€5 per game officiated. Capped at €80 in total.
*Accommodation normally costs €57,5/night.

Volunteer Accommodation

All non-playing volunteers and officials, in case they require, will be hosted in Cambrils Park Resort.

Map of Resort

Checking In

It will be possible to check in to the Resort from 4PM each day. 

If any person is arriving before 15th of March 2024, they will have to check in at Reception #2 (in the West). 

Arriving on any other date (starting from & including 15th of March 2024), you have to check in at Reception #1 (in the South)

On check-in, expect to have to show your ID and tell which team you’re affiliated with (aka which Booking Sheet you were on). 

Once checked in, you’ll receive your keycard, the number of your accommodation & instructions on how to get to your bungalow/apartment. 

One person per building will also receive a checklist, to check whether all items are present in the building. They’ll be expected to fill in the checklist and bring it back to the reception within a reasonable time. If the checklist is not brought back and/or if any item missing after check-out, this will be charged after the tournament. Please be responsible! 

Breakfast & Dinner

There will be a specific difference between food slots on non-tournament days and tournament days (Saturday & Sunday). 

The buffet will always be served af ‘Fòrum’, the big red building on the map next to the biggest pool. 

On non-tournament days, the Resort has assigned individuals a slot for both breakfast & dinner, based on your check-in and check-out date-times. These slots last ~45 minutes. This should be communicated on check-in, but we should also already be able to tell you this in a few days.  

On tournament days, the EQC organisation will assign you a slot for breakfast & dinner, based on your first game & last game of each of the days. The breakfast slot will last ~30 minutes. The dinner slot will last about ~45 minutes. 

You can find the food schedule here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VRZKYI_9QT55-nwKgbvdROb6pQPnO3MYZ_wVEsJ9pAY/edit?usp=sharing 

Please keep in mind we will be updating the schedule for Saturday & Sunday once we have announced the full gameplay schedule. 

Access to the Tournament Facilities

On tournament days, you will be able to use your keycard to open the gate ‘Futbol Salou access’ (in the East). 

From there, you just walk the road for ~15 minutes until you find the tournament facilities on your left. 

Checking Out

People will be expected to check out before 11AM. However, once checked out, you may still use the facilities on site.

On the day of the departure, all accommodation(s) must be vacated and left in perfect condition. The key(card)s must be deposited at the reception. 

If necessary, the reception will provide space to store luggage until your eventual departure. 

Behaviour & Conduct

In order to maintain good coexistence within its facilities, it is mandatory to respect and follow the instructions of the Surveillance teams. 

Any socially unacceptable behaviour that causes discomfort to other clients and/or staff at Mediterranean Sport Village is not allowed. 

Access to- and use of the facilities are exclusive to clients! Access for individuals who do not meet this condition must be authorized at the reception, with prior notice from the staff responsible.
Minors are not allowed to leave the premises without supervision or authorization from responsible parties. 

It is necessary to maintain silence during the resting hours from 00:00 to 07:00.

The surveillance team may take necessary measures to limit the volume of equipment generating noise and/or music.

The Mediterranean Sport Village does not accept socially unacceptable behaviours such as:

  • Disturbances of public order  
  • Verbal and/or physical violence towards the company staff or individuals staying at the Resort.  
  • Intoxication.
  • Non-compliance with safety regulations
  • Non-compliance with rules communicated through signage or posters.
  • Theft.
  • Discriminatory actions based on birth, age, race, gender, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, or any other personal circumstance.  
  • Damaging or modifying signage or posters.  

Mediterranean Sport Village may implement disciplinary measures in case of non-compliance with the coexistence regulations, such as:

  • Prohibition of access to certain areas of the Resort  
  • Expulsion from the resort.

Vehicle Circulation & Parking

Within the premises, it is prohibited to drive at a speed exceeding 10 km/h with any type of motorized or non-motorized vehicle, and pedestrians always have the right of way.

Any vehicle, with or without a motor, that circulates after sunset must be visible and have lights on.

To preserve the rest of the athletes’ rest, motorized vehicles are not allowed to circulate between 00:00 and 07:00.

The use of electric scooters or any other recreational motorized transportation by individuals under 16 years of age is prohibited.

Motorized vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas. Access and parking near the sports, fitness, and buffet areas are reserved for the staff of Mediterranean Sport Village.

Swimming Pools & Spa

Access to bathing areas is only allowed with specific swimwear and footwear! 

It is mandatory to shower before swimming. Soap cannot be used in the spa shower or poolside showers. 

Personal Belongings

Mediterranean Sport Village is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings that are not properly safeguarded. In this regard, MSV provide safes in accommodations and at the reception.

During your stay and in the event of a lost personal item, please contact the reception staff. If you notice the loss after your departure, you should report it to info@cam

Non-Playing Officials Schedule

Volunteer Positions

Livestream Commentator

As a livestream commentator, you talk during the livestreamed games. The two basic styles are play-by-play and colorful. The play-by-play commentator is there to call the action move for move, they essentially call each “play” as it happens. Things like “The Belgians have bludger control” and “The German keeper picked up the quaffle”. The color commentator is there to add the “color” to the painting, to explain why a person or team does what they do, the intended effects and other relevant info which the play by play commentator may not be able to provide due to their need to be following the action intently. You don’t have to be on screen.


  • Reasonable proficiency in English (spoken)

Livestream Camera Operator

As a livestream camera operator, you operate one of the cameras used to livestream the game(s). This job really doesn’t require any experience with camera work as long as you can see a quaffle and point the camera at it. When the snitch is on pitch, more zooming is required when you are on snitch cam duty, but this is also pretty natural. Some of our more experienced staff would love to talk you through it and there will be some time in between games to practice handling the cameras.

Livestream Host

As a livestream host, you will lead the analyst desk, will be the interviewer for our interview partners, and lead in producing entertaining content. n each gap between the game slots we will have someone to interview or an interesting topic to discuss, and this is where you’d come in. No experience is needed except for being comfortable being in front of a camera.


  • C1 Level Proficiency in English (spoken)

Livestream Analyst

As a livestream analyst, you sit down after the game(s) with the host(s) and other analyst(s) to talk about the game. Who played who, what tactics did they use, how did that work out? This does not have to be super complicated. You can talk about which team had bludger control the most, what top scorers you saw, which people made exceptionally great plays. It will be done in pairs, and no experience is needed. You have to be on screen.


  • Reasonable proficiency in English (spoken)

Livestream Handling

The main job of a stream handler is to click some buttons when asked, so no experience is required. Everything will be explained properly. There are a few options:

  • the vision mixer position that decides which camera goes live
  • someone has to manage the scores and cards that are shown on stream
  • record plays
  • the managing of the ref mics
  • interact with the live chat and answering questions or forwarding them to other people

How to get to Salou?

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